Tarot Card Money Manifestation by Mary Cole

Tarot Card Money Manifestation by Mary Cole

The tarot is imbued with mystical energy, much like our beloved dollar bills. Calling on the energy of the tarot to generate wealth and abundance is your new secret to success. Whether you’re hoping for a lucky financial circumstance or aiming to save for your personal goals, the tarot can aid you in becoming affluent. Here are four money moves you can use the tarot to make happen and cards to align with your specific intentions.


Get Rich Quick
Sometimes you need money quickly. The Wheel of Fortune, 6 of Wands, and Knight of Pentacles have energy you can call on in a pinch to turn the tides of your financial situation around. These are the best tarot cards for when you want to make a little extra cash as soon as possible. Manifesting with the energy of these cards makes you an open channel for unforeseen, opportunistic money to come your way.

  • Wheel of Fortune: Reverse Your Financial Situation
    Money Motivation: The Wheel of Fortune is a good card to manifest with when you want to 180 your financial situation. If you have been down on your luck or struggling to get by, the Wheel of Fortune will bring the change you’ve been looking for to boost you back to the top.Manifestation: Get a piece of paper and place the Wheel of Fortune Card upside down on a table. Cut the paper into two pieces. On one piece write your current financial situation and on the other describe the financial situation you would like to have. Place the paper with your current situation below the upside-down WOF card and the paper with your ideal situation above. Next, you are going to envision your ideal financial situation and say out loud, “I know what is down must go up and I call on the Wheel of Fortune to bring me luck” as you spin it around 3 times, landing with the WOF card upright. You have successfully changed your fortune!
  • 6 of Wands: Reward for Talent and Quick Success
    Money Motivation: The 6 of Wands is best for manifesting being seen and valued for your talents. This energy will aid you in standing out for what you do and gaining the recognition you deserve. You will get a sudden boost in popularity and be financially rewarded for your recent work.Manifestation: Gather your 6 of Wands card and a piece of paper. Write down a list of all the things you’ve accomplished recently, or even better show the 6 of Wands. Speak to the card about what you’d like to be valued and compensated for. Mention that you’re seeking to be celebrated for your achievements. Light a candle in honor of this card and focus your intention as it burns. You will soon be rewarded for your talents!
  • Knight of Pentacles: Short-term Money Opportunity
    Money Motivation: The Knight of Pentacles energy will charge into your life and give you a short-term money making opportunity. It may not be your long-term position, but this gig will pay the bills in the meantime and give you the experience you need to take the next step when the time is right.Manifestation: Take your Knight of Pentacles and gather all your loose change. As you handle your different coins, think about money-making possibilities. Charge the coins with your intention of finding a short-term opportunity. Place the coins around the Knight of Pentacles and invite his energy to infuse your job search. Let him know what you’re looking for and soon you will manifest something that fits your life for right now.


Luxurious Lifestyle
When you want to create a life of opulent abundance, the tarot cards for you are the 9 of Pentacles, 9 of Cups, and Queen of Pentacles. These cards call into your life material satisfaction, prosperity, and luxury beyond your wildest imagination. Manifesting with the energy of these cards opens you to feel the sensation of being nourished by your wealth.


  • 9 of Pentacles: Feeling Your Wealth

Money Move: The 9 of Pentacles offers you wealth, abundance, and opulence. Call on the energy of this card when you want to feel bougie and luxurious. You will be called to cultivate fine taste in food and fashion as you are gifted with the experience of living the good life.

Manifestation: Put the 9 of Pentacles somewhere near your closet. When you get dressed each day, reflect on the feeling of wealth you want to create in your life. Use your clothes, jewelry, and make-up to express the life you feel you are meant to be living. By giving yourself the feeling of wealth internally, you will begin to manifest it financially too. Soon you will have the disposable income you’ve been preparing for!


  • 9 of Cups: Vision Board

Money Move: The 9 of Cups offers you material satisfaction that comes with ease. Just believing in your wealth will draw it to you with this card’s law of attraction energy. You will receive what you focus your attention on, making this the ultimate card of manifestation. Use this card to set intentions around wealth and trust it’s on the way.

Manifestation: A vision board is the best way to stay focused on your goals. Use the 9 of cups as a focal point in your vision board, indicating your happiness and satisfaction of receiving all that you intended to draw into your life. Fill the board with images that inspire you, bring joy, and represent you living your best life.

  • Queen of Pentacles: Money as a Form of Self-Care
    Money Move: The Queen of Pentacles is the woman who has her financial life to-get-ther! She is the ideal for women aiming to self-support, financially independent, and able to tend to all her needs. This energy is best for when you want to truly be thriving in your personal life: bills paid, affording your expensive amenities, and some left over for saving.Manifestation: Invoke the Queen of Pentacles in your life. Ask her to guide you and share her energy with you. You will notice yourself becoming more financially aware and abundant at the same time! It feels good to be queen.


Doors To New Opportunities
While seeking a long-term plan for manifesting money in your life, the best tarot cards to work with are the 10 of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, and Sun. These cards generate opportunities for financial success in your career and personal life. Manifesting with their energy teaches you about the value of money and how to use it for the good of the world.


  • 10 of Pentacles: Money for community and benefit of others

Money Move: The 10 of Pentacles is about sharing your wealth with others. This is a good card to use when you are aiming to accumulate wealth for the benefit of the people in your life, like your family or community organization. The energy of this card is immensely generous and giving.

Manifestation: This energy flows when you live by the idea that you get what you give. To bring good fortune your way, give it to another. Think of someone in your life who could use a pick-me-up present and send them something special. Your generosity will come back to you tenfold.

  • Ace of Pentacles: New long-term financial opportunities
    Money Move: The Ace of Pentacles is the ultimate wealth manifestation card. Its energy indicates a brand new path opening in your life that brings you to higher levels of financial success. Use this card for creating new employment paths, getting a raise, or discovering a bountiful investment opportunity.Manifestation: Since Pentacles are associated with the Earth element, it is good to ground money manifestations through connecting with nature. Write down your hopes, dreams, and ambitions while sitting with the Ace of Pentacles card. Then, go outside and dig a small hole near a tree that you see often. Plant your financial goals in the ground and trust they will sprout very soon.
  • Sun: Absolute Abundance
    Money Move: The Sun is the card of absolute abundance. This energy opens you to feeling radiant in your ability to manifest money. Use this card to be the confidence booster you need for personal success. It will ensure your dreams come true!Manifestation: This energy manifests best through creativity. Pick your medium: paint, clay, make-up, dance. The sky’s the limit and it should be authentic to you. Then engaged in your creative act with the intention of opening yourself to the confidence and success of the Sun. You will notice positivity and goodness infusing all your financial matters instantly.


Saving and Investing
Once you are making money, it is important to learn how to save and invest it wisely. The best tarot cards to assist you with financial discipline and savvy money decisions are the 4 of Pentacles, 7 of Pentacles, and King of Pentacles. These cards assist you in creating good daily money habits that lead to long-term financial abundance. Manifesting with their energy will give you a solid financial foundation that you can continue to build over time.

  • 4 of Pentacles: Budge management
    Money Move: The 4 of Pentacles is all about saving more and spending less. This energy will rein in your splurging and assist you in keeping your money in your own pocket. It offers you the gift of being more conservative in how you manage your resources in order for you to save.Manifestation: Place your 4 of Pentacles next to you while you create a budget you can stick to. Let the energy of the card prompt you to decide to hang on to more of your money and look at places you can cut expenses. You will be supremely satisfied by the bit of possessiveness the energy offers you to help you cut spend and start to save.
  • 7 of Pentacles: Daily Check In
    Money Move: The 7 of Pentacles is a good card to help you get into the routine of tending to your financial affairs. Keeping track of spending is an important part of saving and this energy will assist you in becoming more aware of how your daily spending habits are influencing your long-term wealth goals.Manifestation: Remember 7 days a week to connect with the 7 of Pentacles. During this week long daily check in, when you spend time inviting the patient energy of this card into your life, you are also going to be reviewing your purchasing habits. What you’ve discovered by the end of the week will transform your saving habits.

King of Pentacles: Long-Term Clarity
Money Move: The King of Pentacles teaches you to be conservative in your approach to money. This energy is good for planning for the future and making investments. It provides you with clarity about why you want the money and how to use it wisely.

Manifestation: Manifest the King of Pentacles energy into your life by writing him a letter. Describe to him exactly what you want the money for in your life and your current plans for saving it long-term. Call on his energy for assistance with your goals. Keep the letter for reference when you need to be reminded about our long-term focus.

This article was written by Mary Cole who is a tarot card reader who has had a close relationship with the spiritual world for decades. She sees tarot as a symbol of hope and understands it as a way to connect to our world in a deep, unique way. She now runs her own tarot site called 7Tarot (https://www.7tarot.com) and helps people find guidance through the wonderful world of tarot.

Consider These 3 Things Before Hiring a Mystic & Spiritual Teacher

Every once in a while, human beings tend to come across some bumps and obstacles along the way. Losing your way to your soul’s purpose, having little or absolutely no clue of what to do, wrestling with ambiguity and having to battle daily dilemmas – It’s all a part of life. What you choose to do when you come across these challenges is what separates the successful people with the not-so-successful ones. The human body and soul are two of the most complex creations in this universe, and that’s something to be proud of considering that there are heavenly bodies like galaxies and black holes out there! From birth, we constantly learn new things, either from our environment or from people whom we call teachers. They can beany one, ranging from our parents and Godparents to our bosses. Those people who choose to not take help from their teachers are the ones that struggle the most in their lives, either because of their prides or because it just doesn’t bother them that much.

There is one kind of teachers whose missions extend beyond the bounds of the practical world. By utilizing their special spiritual gifts to manifest solutions and helping people in their lives, they fulfill their very purpose here on Earth. I’m talking about none other than mystics and spiritual teachers! Most people on Earth are skeptical when it comes to spiritual teachers, but those who have firm belief in their powers and trust them enough to seek their assistance and act on their advice, almost always attain peace in life. If you are confused about hiring a mystic and spiritual teacher, then keep reading – In this article, I will discuss the 3 things that you need to consider before hiring one. Hopefully, by the end of it, I’d have set your mind straight.

Being a mystic and spiritual teacher of hundreds of beautiful individuals myself, I take great pride in talking about my gifts and the difference I make in the world. If you are looking for help, then I’d be more than happy to be your guide – Click here to get the details of my complimentary on-call sessions. I hope to hear from you soon!

3 Things to Consider Before You Hire

Without further ado, here are the 3 things that you MUST consider before you hire a mystic & spiritual teacher:

Make Sure You Have Firm Belief

Most people, despite not having a firm belief in the abilities of spiritual teachers and mystics, end up hiring them. This lack of belief ultimately results in the mystic not being able to fulfill their duties in the way that is expected of them. And they take all of the blame for that. “I knew you were a fake. I just wasted my money on you” – These are the comments that mystics get from time to time, just because their clients/students didn’t have faith in their gifts. While I can’t change your belief, I can, however, urge you to ask yourself this question before you hire someone to be your spiritual teacher: “Do I believe in spiritual and mystic energies?” If not, then the next thing I urge you to do is to read and expand your mind. Don’t let modern technology distract you from the truth of this universe!

Make Sure You Are a 100%Ready

So, if you have made it this far, then congratulations – You do have faith in mystic and spiritual teachers! However, the consideration and thought process hasn’t ended just yet. The next thing that you need to ask yourself is, “Am I a 100% ready to make the efforts to change my life?”

But wait, isn’t that what you are hiring a mystic and spiritual teacher for in the first place? Well, yes. However, the spiritual teacher can only work on you, but not with you, unless you are able to make the effort yourself. Just remember: It takes two hands to clap!

Do You REALLY Need a Teacher?

At times, in life we get lost, but eventually find our way back to the right track. Everyone has ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean that they stop relying on their own capabilities and skills to get out of those sticky situations. Same goes for you. You do not necessarily need the assistance or help of another person to help you with the difficult time you are dealing with in life. Some people who hire mystic and spiritual teachers end up being disappointed just because they receive solutions which were there all along. “I could have done that myself. I just wasted my money” -Such clients tend to think this way because they are completely oblivious to the fact that sometimes, the worth of a professional is gauged by their knowledge of “where to focus on” instead of “how to do something.”If you understand this, then you are good to go. However, if you don’t, you need to ask yourself: “Do I REALLY need a spiritual teacher?”


Mystic and spiritual teachers have powers and gifts which are beyond the comprehension of an average mind, which is why there are many people out there who question their abilities. So, in a way, if you have firm belief in their powers, it makes you smarter than the average person! But before you hire, make sure to consider the 3 things that I discussed above. Hopefully, by doing so, you are able to make the right decision. I wish you best of luck!

Once again, I’d be happy to help you out – Click here to get the details of a complimentary call with me.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

What does it mean to be “awake?” Does it mean being aware of the sophisticated aspects of the political landscape? Or does it mean knowing what to do in certain circumstances? Or does it mean something else entirely? In my opinion, being AWAKE has nothing to do with our worldly lives and so much to do with our spiritual selves. Sadly, many people spend their entire lives being unaware of the fact that they have this completely different identity which exists as a separate being. Our bodies are similar to vessels which are being driven by our souls. Knowing how to work on our spiritual existence is what we should all be focusing on the most because that is what will be left after we depart from this world. To celebrate this idea, I recently held a Spiritual Awakening class at Wellspring Books, AZ. I was happy to see that so many people came together to seek answers and find out more about their souls!

“Waking up” your spirit is one thing but what comes after that? How does one get to know that they are finally spiritually awakened? What signs and symptoms should that person be looking for? What different experiences should they be looking forward to? And more importantly, how can they benefit from their spiritual awakening? In this article, I will try to answer all these questions and hopefully provide you with a better understanding of what to do with this spiritual change and how you can take maximum advantage of it. Let’s get started!

How Spiritual Awakening Works

The primary aim of this article is to discuss the signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening, which is why I will try to keep this bit as short as possible. Ideally, by now, you should have already started working towards awakening your spiritual self. In case you haven’t, here are some brief tips on how you can accomplish that.

  • Allow New Ideas to Enter Your Mind

The first and the most crucial step in spiritual awakening is to expand your perspective. Allow new and fresh ideas to enter into your mind. Read new books, get into sophisticated debates, question your existing beliefs, and realize that the universe is much larger than what the human brain allows one to comprehend. By doing so, you will feel a surge of knowledge and better critical thinking skills flowing through your mind.

  • Get Rid of Unwanted Belongings

Sometimes, a cluttered home could get in the way of you successfully inviting spiritual awakening into your mind and heart. The unwanted things in your home could very well act as physical barriers and prevent you from achieving spiritual fulfillment in your life.

  • Become One with Nature

The spiritual realm is parallel to this worldly life. And the best way to escape the noise of the world is to spend time connecting with nature. But, how? It’s rather simple – just go out for a walk in the park, go on a camping trip to a nearby lake, spend some time with animals or, better yet, do some yoga and meditation alone in your garden.

  • Respect Your Mind and Body

Finally, I would like to highlight that working on your spiritual self doesn’t mean that you completely abandon your physical body. So, make sure that you respect the vessel which has been bestowed by the universe on you as a blessing. Eat right, stay active, and get adequate sleep!

Signs That You Are Experiencing Spiritual Awakening

Now that you have finally started to work on your spiritual awakening, without further ado, let us discuss the different signs and symptoms that you should be looking out for. This will help you keep track of your progress and give you an idea about whether whatever you are doing is working or not.

  • You Have Become Highly Perceptive Lately

The special thing about being spiritually awakened is that all of your senses are heightened. From your sight to your very 6th sense, everything is enhanced. As a result, you start being extremely perceptive of everything. The little things in life that you used to ignore become a source of wonder for your eyes. You try to find meaning even in the adorable little chirps of the birds around you. You start looking at the clouds with awe. In short, the little things in life start giving you joy and happiness and that is the beauty of being spiritually awakened.

  • You Stay More Grounded in the Present

I personally believe that if people stopped regretting their past and worrying about the future, the world would be a much better place to live in. Focusing on the present and giving your best every single day is one of the keys to eternal happiness and success. Those people whose souls have been awakened feel more connected with and grounded in the present. In a way, they experience a shift in time. For them, the past is something that doesn’t exist anymore. On the other hand, the future is a mystery that is locked within a chest. All they care about is the present, and they do all they can to make the most of it.

  • You Feel More Alive

Relatively, spiritually awakened people feel a greater sense of “aliveness” than those who aren’t. But, what exactly does it mean to “feel alive?” For starters, you feel much happier than you used to before. You don’t let the little bumps and obstacles in life discourage you from achieving your dreams. And most importantly, you try your best to cheer other people up and share your happiness!

  • You Feel More Compassionate

The language of empathy and compassion is universal. It’s what every single being on this planet understands. However, being empathetic and compassionate requires a level of spiritual awakening. People who have fully awakened their spirits are usually the ones who are the most compassionate and empathetic towards other life on this planet. They understand the pain, the joy, and pretty much everything that the other being might feel. This allows them to take calculated steps in their lives because they are aware of the potential consequences.

To Conclude…

In a way, being spiritually awakened means fulfilling the very purpose human beings were created for: to realize their potential and make the world a better place for other life thriving in its domain. If you have started to experience one or more of the signs/symptoms mentioned above, then I congratulate you on being successful! If not, then don’t be discouraged – continue your struggles and you will eventually achieve spiritual awakening!

Receiving Messages from Guardian Angels

Over the course of our lives, we come across many different individuals who leave a positive impact on us. These individuals can either be in the form of friends, family members, romantic partners or just strangers passing by. In any case, the universe plans these positive “collisions” or interactions. The universe has planned every little conversation that we have, working smoothly like clockwork. But there are certain boundaries which the universe itself has set for us. The spiritual realm, for example, where the angels, spirits, and other unseen entities exist,cannot be accessed by everyone while they’re alive. However, some people who are gifted with mediumship, like myself, can access them! In this realm exist magnificent creatures who have been created with the sole purpose of protecting us and directing us towards goodness in this world called guardian angels, these beings keep us out of harm’s way and provide us with guidance whenever necessary. And they each have certain messages for the humans they protect!

As a spiritual healer, mystic wealth creator, and established medium, I regularly interact with these beings and help them convey their messages to their “people.” This gift allows me to translate whatever letter they have to English and then convey it to my lovely clients. If you are curious about what your guardian angel has to tell you,then I invite you to find out by clicking here!

Not everyone is gifted with the ability to interact with guardian angels and other beings beyond the human realm. However, by knowing the things to focus on and the techniques to practice, anyone can develop this ability. It will take some time but by putting in consistent efforts and having a strong belief, you too can easily start receiving messages from your guardian angel. In this article, I will discuss all of that and more. So, if you are ready to connect with your divine bodyguard, then keep reading!

Connecting with Your Guardian Angel

The first thing that you have to do to start receiving messages from your guardian angel is to first establish a direct connection with them. This may sound simple at first, but it will require you to make some big efforts. Without further ado,here are the steps that you can take to connect with your protector:

  • Strengthen Your Belief in Them

There are many people across the globe, belonging to different cultures, who strongly believe in the existence of guardian angels. On the other hand, we have people who reject this belief.Finally, there are some people who lie in the middle, those who do believe in their existence to some extent but also tend to get skeptical at times. If you have made it this far in this blog post, there is a great chance that you either belong to the first or the third category.

Hence, the first step that you need to take is to ask yourself: “Do I REALLY believe in guardian angels?” You will instantly get your answer in the form of a faint voice coming from the inside.Angels are very shy beings. Therefore, if you want to connect with them, you must give them a reason to trust you. This trust can be established if you strengthen your belief in their existence. For this purpose, you can repeat sentences such as “O Angels, I acknowledge your existence” out loud whenever you are alone.

  • Try to Identify Your Guardian Angel

The next step in line is figuring out the identity of your guardian angel. You must be thinking, “how can I identify someone whom I’ve never even seen or interacted with in my whole life?” This is a valid question. And the answer is equally valid!

In order to identify your guardian angel, you must start looking for signs around you. Is there a specific name that keeps popping up every once in a while? For example, do you read or hear the name “Angelo” a lot? Chances are that your guardian angel’s name is just that. One can’t be 100% sure about this but by paying close attention, there is a very high chance that you can get your guardian angel’s identity right. Once you do, try to explicitly call them out by their name to establish a sense of intimacy.

  • Create an Altar for Them

If there’s one thing which angels absolutely love, it is respect and special treatment. They do not expect anything in return for their services because that’s what they have been created for and nothing else. But they get delighted and charmed if they receive special attention and love. Hence, by creating an altar for them, you will show them that you respect them enough to create a separate place to hang out and interact. This altar can be created anywhere – in a room, an open space such as your backyard or even your garage (provided that you always keep it clean since angels are pure beings)! You can then start meditating in this altar and even repeat your calls. Start all sessions with a pleasant greeting.

Interpreting Their Messages

After repeating all of the steps,you will eventually start to consciously receive messages from your guardian angels.These could come either in the form of intuition, dreams, or physical signs. To interpret those messages, follow these 2 simple tips:

  • Maintain a Journal

Every time you get a thought, dream or sign that you feel might be coming from your guardian angel, write it down on a journal. For example, if you see a white feather on your front porch,write down all the events that follow and identify those which you find strange. The next time you see a feather, you will be better prepared.

  • Experiment

Chances are that the “signs” you are seeing are not coming from your guardian angel. These could either be a random act of the universe or it could be coming from imposters (evil entities pretending to be guardian angels). To confirm, you need to act on those messages at first, see what happens, and then patiently wait. If the outcome is positive (in the long run), then you can rest easy because those messages are coming from your guardian angel.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be shy or afraid to connect with your guardian angel. They are the truest best friends that we can get in this life. It might seem difficult or even impossible to contact them but once you do, you will start to enjoy life from a new perspective. I wish you the best of luck. And once again, if you want to know what your guardian angel has to tell you right at this moment, then click here and allow me to help.

How to Activate Your Inner Divine

They say that God (Source, the Creator, the Divine, or whatever name you feel is right for you) created man in His own image. But, what does that imply? It means that He has blessed us with His divine spirit and shared with us very small fractions of His attributes. For example, the mercy and sympathy we feel for others is a reflection of the limitless mercy of God. The anger we feel for our enemies is an image of His wrath. On the other hand, the love we feel for other beings on this planet comes from His never-ending oceans of love. The point is, while it’s true that the creator has blessed the entire universe from his divinity, there is something special within every man and woman which, if unlocked and utilized correctly, can help people realize their true potential and connect with the divine. That “special something” is the divine masculinity and divine femininity which all of us have within us.

Meanwhile, in this blog post, I will share with you some tips and techniques that you can use to connect with the inner God or Goddess within you so that you can lead your life in the best way possible and find eternal happiness in this world and the next. Do note that these apply to both men and women! Let’s begin:


1. Stop Running Away from Your Feelings

The modern world, which relies heavily on technology, has eliminated physical distances but has distanced us emotionally. In a way, we have become like robots, with very little or absolutely no feelings. The idea of running away from your feelings has created a huge deficit of spiritual energy amongst humans, which has distanced us from the divine. So, if you truly want to connect with your divine, the first change that you are going to have to make is to stop neglecting and running away from your feelings. Once you acknowledge your feelings and those of the people around you, you will notice a general feeling of peacefulness running through your body and the courage to face the challenges of life.


2. Meditate Every Now and Then

There comes a time when you need to disconnect from the noise of the world, sit down somewhere quiet, and breathe deeply while listening to the voice of solitude and peace. In other words, you need to meditate! Meditation has been practiced for centuries by mankind. It is considered to be a gateway to the spiritual realm and a tool to establish a deep connection with your divine self. Hence, the next thing that you should do is to meditate every day for a few minutes to strengthen that bridge which connects you with your divine self. I guarantee that, as time passes, it will begin to feel like a necessity and you won’t be able to miss even a single meditation session!


3. Speak to the Divine

Many people are under the impression that spiritual healing and fulfillment involves the use of only meditation or techniques that require a person to sit quietly. That is, of course, not entirely true. At times, it is crucial to be a bit more vocal and let your words literally do the talking. In the case of activating your divine, it involves actively ASKING for the Higher Authority to allow you to get closer and unlock your hidden potential. You can do this by reciting affirmations along the lines of “I’m worthy of love. I’m a sentient being that deserves the attention of the divine. Today, I open myself up to higher power.”


4. Don’t Take Your Intuition for Granted

Have you ever felt the sudden impulse to avoid undertaking a certain task? Or have you ever guessed something you had absolutely no clue about but later found that you were right? That wisdom and guidance come from the power of intuition, which is the ability to guess something before it has even happened! Our intuition comes directly from the divine. It’s how God protects us from harm and directs us towards things that benefit us, out of love and mercy. Many of us tend to ignore our intuition and don’t act upon it until it’s too late, which distances us further from the divine. So, pledge to take it seriously.


Take-Home Message

Considering everything that we have discussed so far, it becomes clear that connecting to the divine involves merely making certain changes in your life, changes which are relatively simple and do not cost even a single dime! It’s amazing how, by sacrificing nothing at all, one can easily unlock their full potential by connecting with the hidden image of God within them, regardless of their gender. This goes to show that divine peace and fulfillment are well within the reach of mankind – we just have to make small efforts to reach out and grab them. Finally, I would like to point out that all the problems of the world would be solved if everyone became aware of their divine-selves and tried to be more sympathetic, merciful, and loving towards one another. So, let us pledge to make that effort!