3 Incredible Roles of Guardian Angels


It goes without saying that belief in the supernatural is something which isn’t very common these days. But those who believe let their thoughts guide them every single day. One such belief which Christianity and a few other religions teach is that of the existence of Guardian Angels – Divine beings sent on Earth to protect, guide, and make the lives of human beings better. However, even the believers have some misconceptions about the actual role which Guardian Angels play in our day-to-day lives. In this blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about how these magnificent creatures affect our worldly journey. And if you’d like to understand and get closer to your Guardian Angel, I invite you to attend my event “Guardian Angel Myths, Legends & Personal Messages by Luci McMonagle” on September 13th. You can get tickets here.

The 3 Roles Played by Every Guardian Angel

The universe has everything planned out for every being but at times, these Angels, by the will of God, interfere to change the course of action. We avoid injuries and emotional and financial losses on a daily basis, both consciously and unconsciously. Most of the time, the latter is the case and Guardian Angels are usually behind this. We don’t even realize this but Guardian Angels impact our lives on significant levels by playing three roles. But, which ones? Let’s find out!

  • Protector

As the name suggests, the main purpose of Guardian Angels is to “guard” or protect. This protection may be offered in a number of ways but for now, I just want to focus on the physical aspects. Human beings are extremely vulnerable – so vulnerable that even a little bump on the head can end our lives immediately. The thought is scary and puts everything into perspective. For that very purpose, God created Guardian Angels to keep us from harm’s way. How is it that your children stay safe every time they leave home to go to school? How come your grandparents keep their balance while going up and down flights of stairs? How come you never crash when you are driving really fast on the highway? The simple answer is that we are saved most of the time by Guardian Angels!

This is one of the primary duties of Guardian Angels. They either protect us by taking a physical shape and interfering or by whispering thoughts that divert us towards the safer path, one where the threat doesn’t exist. In any case, it’s really beautiful and comforting to think that there is someone out there who deeply cares for us and keeps us safe.

  • Guide

Apart from physically protecting us from harm, Guardian Angels also play the role of guides in our lives. Every once in a while, we feel lost and confused, so much that we start questioning our very existence and the life we’ve lived so far. In this situation, it becomes difficult to make the important decisions in life – ones that could either make or break everything, like proposing to your significant other, making a risky business decision, choosing what career to pursue, etc. Because of the frustration, things stop making sense. In this case, Guardian Angels show us the correct path and clear all those confusions and doubts. They either guide us by implanting positive thoughts in our minds or take physical forms to come to our aid (despite being purely spiritual beings).

Guardian Angels don’t just guide us with everyday decision-making. At times, when we are thinking evil thoughts, the Angels (who want you to do the right thing, the thing that’s best for you) whisper things that stop evil thinking. That’s because they are programmed that way – the word “evil” doesn’t exist in their dictionary so they try their best to stop you from taking the wrong path.

  • Well-Wisher

Guardian Angels want what’s best for us. That’s their eternal purpose and that’s the most important role they have to play. At times, Guardian Angels are unable to protect us because of God’s will and the way the universe has planned events out. For this reason, Guardian Angels are constantly praying for us. If we have been good in our lives, they call out to God and ask Him for our protection and overall betterment. And the beautiful thing is that their prayers are extremely effective and carry weight in the eyes of God. So you should consider yourself lucky because a divine being, who you have never formally met, is your well-wisher and wants you to achieve happiness and success in life.

Remember that Guardian Angels are God’s creations. And every creation has certain limitations. It’s true that Angels have far superior powers than the souls of human beings but they too turn towards God to seek help.

An Important Thing to Remember…

People often question the existence of Guardian Angels by saying things like, “If Guardian Angels exist, then why do we get hurt, make bad decisions, and feel lost all the time?” The answer to these questions is straightforward – Guardian Angels do all they can to fulfill their duties but, ultimately, we are the ones who have to make the final decision. Guardian Angels might try to guide you to the correct path but the ultimate decision lies in your own hands! For example, a person who got injured on a hiking trip must have experienced bad feelings before they left the house. These were likely coming from their Guardian Angels but they chose to ignore them. That is on the individual entirely.

To Conclude…

In the end, I would like to advise everyone to listen to their 6th sense or gut feelings more often. At times, these feelings might be coming from your Guardian Angels trying to set your path straight and eliminate dangers from your life. In order to do that, you have got to have a little faith. And to build faith, you’ve got to live your life the way you were meant to – by tackling things as they come along and believing in a higher power.

Signs that Your Chakras Are Out of Balance


From our very early years, we’ve been taught about the five senses that help with functionality – the sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. But modern science has never bothered to throw light on the energy centers which enable us to go about our everyday lives – the energy centers known as chakras. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending a yoga class, chances are that you have already heard about these “points” from where energy originates. The concept was first introduced in an ancient Indian text called “Vedas.” Historical knowledge indicates that there are 7 basic chakras, but the complete system actually consists of 12.

Although chakras are purely spiritual, if they are found to be unbalanced, they could negatively affect your physical state, which is part of the reason why having a stable flow of energy is so crucial. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the symptoms that you need to look out for, which are all signs of unbalanced chakras, as well as what you can do to regain control.

Warning Signs of Unbalanced Chakras

Initially, you are better off focusing on the seven basic ones, which are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown chakras. If you want to go one step further and learn about the soul star chakra, spirit chakra, universal chakra, galactic chakra, and the divine gateway chakra (the five which complete the 12-chakra system), I invite you to attend my 12 Chakra Activation and Alignment event on September 14th. You can get your tickets here.

For now, let’s discuss the 7 basic chakras.

  • Root Chakra

As the name suggests, this chakra is located at the very end of your spine, which is the root or base of your physical body. The root chakra is the foundation of your energy system, which is why it’s necessary to keep it balanced. Physical signs of an unbalanced root chakra range from feeling discomfort and a lack of functionality in the feet and knees to facing rectal and reproductive problems. Moreover, this chakra directly affects your perception about the basic necessities of life like money, shelter, and food.

  • Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra exists about 2 inches below your navel. It is said to be directly linked to a person’s sexual performance and control over their desires. If the balance of the sacral chakra is lost, a person could experience reproductive, urinary, and pelvic issues. A lack of creativity, pleasure, charisma, and self-control also indicate an imbalance.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra can be pinpointed in the gut area (in between the rib cage and the navel), which is why having digestive and gastrointestinal problems (such as stomach ulcers) could be signs of an unbalanced solar plexus chakra. Other physical symptoms include chronic fatigue, abnormal blood pressure, and diabetes. From the point of view of a person’s emotional state, having an unbalanced solar plexus chakra directly affects self-esteem.

  • Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is linked directly to the performance of all body parts located within or outside the chest and the emotions originating from love and hate. A heart chakra that is not balanced poses dangerous threats such as cardiovascular and lung diseases. Women can also face medical problems originating in their breasts. Negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, and even abnormally excessive love can also arise.

  • Throat Chakra

Thyroid issues such as a chronic sore throat, infections, and ulcers indicate that you need to work on balancing your throat chakra. This chakra is associated with verbally expressing how you feel inside which is why, if it isn’t balanced, failing to express yourself and having little or no control over your words should not come as a surprise.

  • Third Eye Chakra

In the Hindu scripture, the “third eye” is linked with divinity and establishing a bridge between all beings. Your third eye chakra serves a similar purpose. Located in the center of your forehead, the third eye chakra is linked with the sinus and vision and an unbalance in this chakra results in issues related to these parts of your body. The physical symptoms are usually also accompanied by moodiness.

  • Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head (where a person would usually wear a crown). Increased sensitivity to sound and light, along with depression and anxiety can result from an unbalanced crown chakra. The crown chakra affects consciousness and awareness.

Tips to Regain Balance of Your Chakras

  • Meditate

Meditation is said to be the best remedy for unbalanced chakras. Sitting alone and removing the noise of this world from your mind and soul can do wonders for you in terms of regaining control over your energy centers.

  • Use Affirmations

Another effective cure for balancing chakras is using affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that you can recite on a daily basis to give yourself a boost of motivation and internal happiness. You can use a different affirmation for every chakra.

  • Massage

Massaging different parts of your body with essential oils can also help. Choosing the muscles that fall into the domains of the unbalanced chakras can yield instant results. For example, if you want to work on your root chakra, massage your legs and gluteal muscles.

  • Use Chakra Stones

Did you know that there is a special stone for every chakra? Chakra stones feature special healing energies and vibrations which can help tap into your dormant energy centers and regain balance.

Final Thoughts…

I hope that you are now equipped with the knowledge and awareness to work on your chakras. If you feel any of the physical or emotional symptoms discussed above, you should consider the possibility that they could be resulting from an unbalanced chakra.

If you want to channel your chakras and bring them into alignment, allow me to help – get your ticket for the 12 Chakra Activation and Alignment, I invite you to join the Divine Wisdom Secrets

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