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How to Activate Your Inner Divine

They say that God (Source, the Creator, the Divine, or whatever name you feel is right for you) created man in His own image. But, what does that imply? It means that He has blessed us with His divine spirit and shared with us very small fractions of His attributes. For example, the mercy and sympathy we feel for others is a reflection of the limitless mercy of God. The anger we feel for our enemies is an image of His wrath. On the other hand, the love we feel for other beings on this planet comes from His never-ending oceans of love. The point is, while it’s true that the creator has blessed the entire universe from his divinity, there is something special within every man and woman which, if unlocked and utilized correctly, can help people realize their true potential and connect with the divine. That “special something” is the divine masculinity and divine femininity which all of us have within us.

Meanwhile, in this blog post, I will share with you some tips and techniques that you can use to connect with the inner God or Goddess within you so that you can lead your life in the best way possible and find eternal happiness in this world and the next. Do note that these apply to both men and women! Let’s begin:


1. Stop Running Away from Your Feelings

The modern world, which relies heavily on technology, has eliminated physical distances but has distanced us emotionally. In a way, we have become like robots, with very little or absolutely no feelings. The idea of running away from your feelings has created a huge deficit of spiritual energy amongst humans, which has distanced us from the divine. So, if you truly want to connect with your divine, the first change that you are going to have to make is to stop neglecting and running away from your feelings. Once you acknowledge your feelings and those of the people around you, you will notice a general feeling of peacefulness running through your body and the courage to face the challenges of life.


2. Meditate Every Now and Then

There comes a time when you need to disconnect from the noise of the world, sit down somewhere quiet, and breathe deeply while listening to the voice of solitude and peace. In other words, you need to meditate! Meditation has been practiced for centuries by mankind. It is considered to be a gateway to the spiritual realm and a tool to establish a deep connection with your divine self. Hence, the next thing that you should do is to meditate every day for a few minutes to strengthen that bridge which connects you with your divine self. I guarantee that, as time passes, it will begin to feel like a necessity and you won’t be able to miss even a single meditation session!


3. Speak to the Divine

Many people are under the impression that spiritual healing and fulfillment involves the use of only meditation or techniques that require a person to sit quietly. That is, of course, not entirely true. At times, it is crucial to be a bit more vocal and let your words literally do the talking. In the case of activating your divine, it involves actively ASKING for the Higher Authority to allow you to get closer and unlock your hidden potential. You can do this by reciting affirmations along the lines of “I’m worthy of love. I’m a sentient being that deserves the attention of the divine. Today, I open myself up to higher power.”


4. Don’t Take Your Intuition for Granted

Have you ever felt the sudden impulse to avoid undertaking a certain task? Or have you ever guessed something you had absolutely no clue about but later found that you were right? That wisdom and guidance come from the power of intuition, which is the ability to guess something before it has even happened! Our intuition comes directly from the divine. It’s how God protects us from harm and directs us towards things that benefit us, out of love and mercy. Many of us tend to ignore our intuition and don’t act upon it until it’s too late, which distances us further from the divine. So, pledge to take it seriously.


Take-Home Message

Considering everything that we have discussed so far, it becomes clear that connecting to the divine involves merely making certain changes in your life, changes which are relatively simple and do not cost even a single dime! It’s amazing how, by sacrificing nothing at all, one can easily unlock their full potential by connecting with the hidden image of God within them, regardless of their gender. This goes to show that divine peace and fulfillment are well within the reach of mankind – we just have to make small efforts to reach out and grab them. Finally, I would like to point out that all the problems of the world would be solved if everyone became aware of their divine-selves and tried to be more sympathetic, merciful, and loving towards one another. So, let us pledge to make that effort!