Cultivating Your Mental Garden: A Pathway to Mindset Change

Cultivating Your Mental Garden: A Pathway to Mindset Change

Imagine your mind as a beautiful, lush garden. This garden is filled with the most vibrant flowers and the tallest trees, radiating an energy of positivity. But sometimes, lurking in the shadows, are the weeds of negative thoughts, the undergrowth of bad karma that threatens to choke the life out of this scenic landscape. Like any gardener, it becomes your responsibility to nurture the growth of the beautiful and systematically eliminate the undesirable. Just as we prune our physical gardens, so must we cultivate our mental gardens, paving the way for a mindset change that enhances our lives. The first step is to clear negative thoughts. However, negative thoughts are stubborn, much like tenacious weeds. They cling, and when you try to remove them, they resist. But remember, “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” These words by Buddha remind us of the power our thoughts hold in shaping our reality. Understanding this gives us the courage to tackle our negative thoughts head-on.

One effective technique is to replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Consider that for every “I can’t,” you plant a seed of “I can.” For every “I’m not good enough,” you sow a “I am capable.” Over time, these seeds of positivity will grow, gradually transforming your mental landscape.

Next, we need to remove bad karma. Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. To put it simply, the actions you take today influence what happens to you in the future. It might seem daunting, but the beauty of karma is that it isn’t set in stone. Just as you would remove weeds from your garden, bad karma can be cleared through deliberate, positive actions. Think of each good deed as a cleansing rain, washing away the remnants of bad karma and fostering the growth of positivity.

Finally, to change your mindset effectively, you must tend to your mental garden consistently. Mindset change is not a one-off event. It requires persistence. Thomas Edison once said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” This statement resonates deeply when trying to bring about a mindset change. Consistency in nurturing positive thoughts and actions eventually leads to a flourishing mental garden. Cultivating your mental garden is an ongoing journey. It’s about being patient with yourself as you navigate through the process of clearing negative thoughts and removing bad karma. It’s about being persistent in your efforts to bring about a change in your mindset. Remember, every garden starts with a single seed. Plant yours today and watch yourself grow, bloom, and transform into a beacon of positivity. After all, a well-tended garden doesn’t just bloom overnight, it requires continuous care. And so does your mind. Keep cultivating, keep growing, keep changing. And let your mental garden flourish with a robust mindset.

Sometimes we need more than just an article on clearing out the weeds from our mental garden. My books –  Magical Money Manifestations and it’s expanded version Magic, Money and Mindset will help you learn techniques to overcoming negative thoughts, feelings and start on the road to prosperous thinking.

5 Abundance Manifestation Steps to Take When the Business Is Slow

5 Abundance Manifestation Steps to Take When the Business Is Slow


In the kind of unpredictable times and economy we are living in currently, there would be days when your business would be going so fast that things would be a blur. Then there would be days when things would be very slow…almost at a standstill. It is bound to happen during the course of a business year and as women entrepreneur, we are more prone to become frustrated and insecure during these lull periods because of the lack of new business and a source of income. A limited mindset would force us to see this time as of scarcity, impoverishment, stagnation, and weaker personal and business influence. However, having a growth oriented mindset would help us realize that this time is a secret blessing, a chance for you to re-adjust your focus, shift gears, reenergize yourself, build up prospects and lead generating lists, and look up for new possibilities and alliances.  This other perspective would help you embrace this period of uncertainly with peace and a renewed purposefulness. Here are a few ways you can make even this time the most useful and productive:

Get Organized

It’s inevitable for paper work to pile up when you are in the thick of things and the pressures of meeting the deadline is always on. In a way the lull period is a blessing in disguise to help you clean up your act, organize and categorize thing, so once the pace picks, you are better organized and much more in control to locate old information and leads from your system and easily integrate the newly generated information.  Doing this work now will help you save a lot more time and energy in the future and reinvest them in more money making activities.

Send ‘Thank You’ Notes

Many people use this lull period to dig into their prospects’ list and start making cold calls. My approach is a bit different.  I don’t use this time to make cold calls or sales calls solely but make the effort to touch base with a former or prospective client, just for the sake of it. You can write a personalized ‘thank you’ note to tell your old clients how much you have enjoyed working with them in the past and how much you appreciate their role in your life. Send an unexpected thank you gift to your biggest and most loyal client. It would make you pop up on their visibility chart and help them keep you in mind for upcoming projects.

Ask for Testimonials

If you haven’t asked yet, use this time to ask your clients to write you a review, endorsement and post it on your website, facebook page, Linked In profile, twitter account. Or ask them to like, tag, share, retweet your posts. This would generate some fresh buzz around brand and services. Ask them to or take pictures of ways they might be using your product and service and how they are enjoying it. You can post this pictorial content on your instagram, facebook, pinterest account.

Invest In Learning

Use the down time to learn more about your field. Get enrolled in a seminar, event, webinar, class relevant to your field in order to get a chance to learn from specialists and gurus in your field. Enroll in a forum and group and start actively participating there. Besides learning, this engagement would give you a great opportunity to make fresh contacts, get referrals, and network, new collaborative opportunities, and tons of ideas.

Develop and Share Resources

You can use this time to develop a paid resource or course and sell it to your audience. If you want to truly manifest an abundance behavior, use this time to develop some written resources, tutorials, posts, videos about any aspect related to your business and your target audience and post them on a public forum. Just keep the aspect of its useful in mind for your audience. Ask your audience to comment on, tag, share, retweet the material so as to engage more and more people. You can also develop a personalized resource that can help your clients further their own business goals, for e.g., template of a letter, a business plan template, a personalized diet or financial plan, a lead, source, or referral, whatever it is that’s relevant to your field and that of your clients’. Just imagine what a great impression it would make on your clients and how helpful it would be in gaining leverage with them.

So start thinking of your slow time in business as a spring cleaning time for your business, tossing out of old ideas, and cultivating new ideas, systems, catalysts and structures to manifest more abundance, more wealth, and more influence in the future.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Miracles and Abundance Coach. Through tips, techniques and resources and using my own years of experience, I have been coaching women entrepreneurs to take charge of their lives and their businesses, overcome their personal limitations and barriers through mindset change tips, abundance manifestation exercises, and practical advice.  Would you like to explore the ways we can work together? Great…check out my training calendar and pick out a vacant slot. In this complimentary session, I would talk to you and try to find it what exactly do you need right now to help your business grow…referrals, tips, list building, resources, systems? Whatever it is, we will figure it out together.  Click here

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