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Rewire Your Mind for Success and Go Beyond Destiny and Luck!

Shakespeare had us believe that the fault lies in our stars and not us. But he had it wrong. We are bound by fate, destiny or luck; whatever you may call it, but only to a certain degree. We have a mind that is far stronger and powerful than we believe. It can help us achieve much of what we want and sometimes even beyond that.

How Your Mindset Can Let Your Grow

The good news is that we can rewire our mindset, our response, and thus court success. This is possible because our mind is not fixed; it has infinite potential; therefore, our mindset can be changed. Here is how: Everyone is born with this mindset. It comprises our basic qualities, such as the belief, intelligence or talent we possess. But beyond all this, mindset is a belief that our most basic abilities can be nurtured and developed further in order to bring about a positive change in our life.

Become Aware, Conscious and Choose Deliberately

Don’t just exist but become aware of who you are and all that you can become. A limited mindset is aware of just one response towards things and considers it to be the ONLY and correct response. But becoming AWARE to the possibility that there can be two possible responses to one thing and that one response is better than the other is the first thing is the first step for you to take. The next step is to make a conscious effort to choose the OTHER response, the RIGHT response to any situation:

I am nothing and no one >>>> I am a creature of God

The Universe Is Out to Get Me >>> The Universe Is Out to Help Me

This is my Bad Luck >>> This is a Temporary Phase

This is a Setback >>> This is a Possibility to Learn

This is a Criticism >>> This is an Opportunity to improve Myself

This is a Challenge >>> This is a Way to Try Doing things the Other way

Once you are able to adjust your perceptions and responses to situations correctly, your actions would also become aligned with them, and they would help you re write your own destiny. You will begin to feel in control, conscious and empowered.

How Mindset Training can Liberate You from The Rut

We all need a little bit of help on our way. Mentors are like teacher learners. Their work is based on personal knowledge and experience. They can help their trainees understand what mindsets are and work side by side with them to reinforce growth mindset principles and approaches. Above all, they provide one-on-one help, counseling and reinforcement in the times of self-doubt, crisis and failures. This is what Luci Mcmonagle personally believes in and practice actively as a personal development coach. Her one on one and group coaching opportunities are virtual retreats for budding woman entrepreneur. So if you feel that you have the power and passion but feel that you are a victim of circumstances, let Luci help you turn your mind and your luck around.