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Good Morning powerful sexy magical women. I want to share my newest relationship with money. thank you to Luci McMonagle and Chella Diaz how both of you have changed my life.. Muah thank you… So I thought that my relationship with money was pretty good I have spent the last 15 years healing and reprogramming my early money stories and blockages. Which has been great but still stuck with not continuous flow of wealth and money. Then Luci McMonagle ask me how to I feel about money.. I say icky so I start on a journey of making money my friend and lover… then in very short time money starts to flow in woohoo. Couple of days ago I found $10.00 which is the universe saying it is on route after I did a mediation that morning about $10,000/day coming into my life. I was so happy and grateful. Another very cool thing that has happen I have been should a new way to bring more instead money into my life… I am soo excited to have a space to start my magical money adventure thank you for listening. Next post I will share how Chella Diaz has played a big part in my new sexy relationship with money. If you want to unlock your money blockages