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4 Compelling Reasons to Take a Break from Your New Business and Attend a Women Entrepreneurs’ Retreat

Let’s admit it! Running a creative business takes it all: purpose, passion, and heart! The cost of taking a creative business off ground is high for women who are balancing work and family.  Most of the time, creative entrepreneurs work so hard in their business that they end up becoming slave to the process. Their hectic schedules and need for sustainability limit the room for creativity, inspiration or a chance to work on perfecting their business skills. That’s why a business or spiritual retreat is a unique opportunity for creative women to grow, connect, and get inspired. It is a unique opportunity for them to work on their business skills and nurture their creativity at the same time in a group setting. If you think you are too busy to attend a retreat or possibly think that you don’t need to attend a business retreat at all, then here are four reasons you should change your approach:

Experience Diversity

The right kind of business retreats help you get connected with professionals having a range of skills. You can meet new and seasoned entrepreneurs from diverse areas of technology, media, arts, etc., all under one roof. These kinds of interactions with individuals from different domains will broaden and enrich the horizons of your experience. Interactions with high-performing individuals would also give you a unique opportunity to learn to think outside the box, get inspired and seek mindset growth.

Get Triggered for New Ideas

Going to a retreat offers a change of scene, interaction and pace. It is an opportunity to meet ambitious women entrepreneurs just like you hoping to improve their skills and take their small business off the ground. A women’s retreat is a great way to come in contact and connect with likeminded business women and to bounce off ideas one another without getting the fear of competition and ridicule to creep in.  Sharing of experiences is also a good way to trigger new and fresh ideas. These kinds of interactions are a great way to learn and teach.

Make Meaningful Connections

Some women entrepreneurs feel isolated in their creative ventures as their friends and family members don’t understand what they do for a living and why they choose to do it instead of sticking to a regular 9 to 5 job. That’s why a retreat offers a unique opportunity to be in a community of likeminded, ambitious women trying to make sense of their dreams, entrepreneurial aspirations and ultimately their lives. Enriching personal interactions and group activities at retreats and workshops are sure to draw out the introverts from their comfort zone and connect with others at a deeper and meaningful level. It is also a great chance for you to find business partners, collaborators and even score some lifelong friendships.

Avail an Opportunity for Extended Coaching  

What happens during the retreat is important but what is more important is what happens after it i.e., following through your new learning. If you don’t execute what you learn at a retreat, then you have wasted your time there. This is where the role of the coaches or mentors becomes all the more important i.e., they not only impart learning and skills but may also help you stay motivated and on the track, provided they are willing to extend their expertise beyond the retreat.

Luci McMonagle is a personal development and abundance breakthrough coach, public speaker as well as a radio show host. She has been a speaker at numerous business and spiritual retreats for women entrepreneurs.  At retreats, she teaches aspiring women entrepreneurs the secrets of having a 6-figure income through her engaging narrative, personal empowerment techniques and actionable strategies. You can also book a free one-on-one consultation session with her today!