The Spiritual Significance of Autumn Equinox


It is a very common belief that celestial events impact us on a spiritual level. Ancient civilizations realized the significance of blood moons, eclipses, and equinoxes a long time ago and took appropriate measures to benefit from them. The generations that followed did not allow these traditions to die. Even today, despite so many advancements, a lot of people still believe in the power of celestial events and use them to contemplate their journey on Earth and take appropriate actions to improve their lives. As a spiritual person myself, it is my firm belief that the universe gives us proper signs that reflect the current situations of our lives – we just have to open up our eyes and see them clearly.

One such significant celestial event is the autumnal equinox – a day which marks the beginning of fall in the Northern hemisphere and spring in the Southern hemisphere. This is the time when the sun is directly above the equator, making the day and night of equal lengths. In the Northern Hemisphere the fall equinox occurs every year on September 21 to 23.

What makes this equinox so special is the fact that it is associated with perfect balance and brings an abundance of wealth and crops. It is the time to bring in your harvests and let go of any bad seeds (thought, people, feelings, situations) that you no longer want to have continued in your life.

In this blog post, I will shed some light on why the autumnal equinox is so spiritually significant and how you can make use of it to make your life much better. Also, to make the most of this year’s autumnal equinox, I’m arranging an Autumn Equinox Harvest Potluck, where I will lead a blessing ritual to celebrate the event as a turning point in life and business.

Why the Autumn Equinox is Important

There are many factors that make the autumnal equinox a special time for the spiritually aware. The following are the major ones:

  • It is a time of abundance.

Legend has it that during the autumnal equinox, the waning sun brings with it an abundance of crops and wealth. This is a great time to harvest the blessings of life, whether in the form of material wealth or spiritual peace. Orchards and farms are expected to yield fruitful results so it is advised to show your appreciation towards the universe for its limitless blessings. But, the question is, how? One great way of thanking the universe is to give back to the universe, that is, by spreading the gift of joy, love, or even material things. And the best part is that anyone, from a homeless person to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, can benefit from these blessings!

  • It is a time of perfect balance.

Equinoxes are the times of pitch-perfect spiritual balance. During an equinox, the lengths of the day and night time are the same. This beautiful celestial harmony is rarely seen throughout the year, making these events incredibly special. Therefore, this autumnal equinox, try to take advantage of this spiritual balance by meditating, using positive affirmations, thanking the universe, and contemplating your entire year. Moreover, the days that follow become shorter whereas the nights become longer. In the ancient times, our ancestors used to start working much harder in the fields to make up for the lack of daytime. Although that’s no longer an issue in the modern times, we should follow in their footsteps and boost our productivity.

  • It is a time of seasonal cleansing.

Detoxification can be performed both on physical and spiritual levels. Our minds, bodies, and spirits are always exposed to contaminants that can affect our day-to-day lives, therefore, it is important to get rid of these toxins by detoxification processes. But, what does this have to do with the autumnal equinox? Many coaches recommend that the best time for an effective detoxification is the autumnal equinox. While it’s true that you can rid your spirit and body of toxins at any given time of the year, equinoxes have a special seasonal cleansing attribute that can make the entire process much faster and far more effective. In fact, overall, the time is incredibly beneficial for health, resulting in better blood production and thicker hair.

  • It is a time to become stronger.

The start of autumn marks the beginning of darker days, in both the literal and spiritual senses. Literal because, as mentioned above, days start getting shorter and nights start getting longer. During this time, evil spirits and negative energies tend to get stronger. Fortunately, the autumnal equinox, due to the perfect balance and great abundance associated with it, makes us spiritually stronger and gives us the courage needed to face our demons and prevent negative energies from taking a toll on our daily lives. So, don’t be afraid of the reduced daylight – take control of your spiritual, emotional, and physical selves by utilizing the power of the sun.

Take-Home Message

The main thing that we can learn from the autumnal equinox is the spirit of giving, being thankful, and creating more balance and harmony in our lives. To be more precise, it’s all about embracing the blessings of life, along with playing your role in blessings others that are around you, including strangers. I advise everyone to take full advantage of this celestial event by attracting limitless wealth, bounties, and spiritual, mental, and physical peace into your lives. Spread the word so that your friends and family members can also benefit from the blessings of this time. Also, if you are in the Chandler – Phoenix, Arizona area – attend my Autumn Equinox Harvest Potluck. I’m excited about leading the blessing ritual and helping people attract all that is good into their lives and business. However, there is space for only 22 people, so get your tickets before it’s too late!

Your Guardian Angel Guide by Luci McMonagle


There comes a time in every person’s life when they feel all alone. The feelings of isolation and desperation can eat up a person from the inside and leave them empty. At this stage, the individual might desperately look for signs of hope in their daily lives or a miracle which would transform their state. If you can relate to all of this, I’m here to tell you that you might not be alone after all. There might be a glorious being watching over you right now: your Guardian Angel, appointed by God Himself!

As a spiritual teacher and mystic guide, I, Luci McMonagle, can help you understand a great deal about these beautiful creatures. I have been blessed with a natural connection to the spiritual realm, where Guardian Angels and other divine beings reside and, over the years, I have managed to nurture and strengthen this bridge. I hope that this will serve as the perfect Guardian Angel guide for both believers and nonbelievers alike. Let’s get started!

Listening to Personal Messages from Your Guardian Angel

Did you know that every Guardian Angel has personal messages for their protectee? These personal messages are sent in the form of subtle signs on a daily basis. They could be related to your health, a decision you are about to take, a relationship which is in danger or anything else related to your life. At times, these messages are conveyed successfully as we understand the signs and take necessary actions to prevent misfortunes or avail golden opportunities that change our lives for good. But, at times it gets difficult to grasp and process those messages and the Guardian Angel is unable to protect you and make your time on Earth easier. So, it’s important that you pay attention and look for the little signs around you every day.

However, there are other ways to communicate and receive those messages. People like myself, who have some sort of link with the spiritual realm can form direct contact with these beings, allowing us to get those messages with far greater clarity, which in turn lets us make better decisions and protect ourselves from harm. If you want to receive a clear personal message from your Guardian Angel, I can help you out! My event Guardian Angel Myths, Legends & Personal Messages will be all about helping people understand their Guardian Angels more and receive their very own personal messages.

Signs That You Have an Angel Watching Over You

Perhaps the most beautiful and precious fact about Guardian Angels is that every single one of us has one. This means that it doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or even a non-believer; God has appointed a Guardian Angel over our shoulders because He loves His creations more than a mother loves her children. So, if you don’t believe in Guardian Angels, I urge you to look for the signs around you which might change your mind! Here are some common signs of having a Guardian Angel watching over you:

  • You Dodged a Disaster Out of Pure Luck

The main purpose of Guardian Angels, as the name suggests, is to guard you against disasters and misfortunes. Keeping that in mind, I want to ask you this question: Did you or a loved one recently have a close shave with death or managed to save several dollars by pulling out of a business project? If yes, then you might want to thank your Guardian Angel for that! Guardian Angels have a unique way of warning us about disasters. The so-called “6th sense” which many people gloat about has nothing to do with their own abilities – it’s actually their Guardian Angels who are doing the hard work most of the time!

  • Finding a White Feather

Have you ever found a white feather in the strangest of places, say your purse, backpack, drawer or on the table beside your bed? This is a classic indication of your Guardian Angel trying to communicate with you. Legend has it that Guardian Angels leave white feathers with us to remind us to not give up. In a way, it’s an “angelic pep talk,” only without words. These white feathers, therefore, usually appear at times of stress and sorrow – times when we are feeling emotionally drained and want to give up.

  • Unexplained Flashes of Light

Do you often experience sudden flashes of light which you can’t explain? These may be as bright as a camera flash or as dim as a pocket flashlight. Regardless, seeing this light is an indication of Angelic presence. Spirits, Angels, and other beings that reside in the spiritual realm are made of pure energy, resulting in these flashes which we experience from time to time.

Some Facts about Guardian Angels

People have a lot of misconceptions about Guardian Angels. In my event, I hope to clear them up so that you are able to understand them properly. For now, I’m sharing these facts:

  • Guardian Angels were created with the sole purpose to guide and protect us.
  • Every human being has a Guardian Angel.
  • A Guardian Angel was appointed to you when you were born.
  • It’s impossible for a person to transform into a Guardian Angel after death.
  • Guardian Angels do have names (given by God).

How Can You Connect More with Your Guardian Angel?

I hope that this blog post has given you enough basic knowledge to help you get started on your journey to understanding your Guardian Angel. If you want to connect more with your Guardian Angel, I highly recommend that you attend my event Guardian Angel Myths, Legends & Personal Messages in which I will provide you with clarity and a personal message from your Guardian Angel, with help from my spiritual connections.

How to remove spiritual barriers?

Nature has given us a wonderful gift in the form of life which we spend with our family, friends and other beautiful souls of this world. What we need to do is to live a peaceful, happy and content life. If you look around, you will see that most of us are running for the material things. It is a fact that life cannot be spent without money and other worldly items, but getting stuck in it can imprison us.

The spark of inner-peace, emotional stability and the feeling of fulfilment come from within us. So, instead of chasing it in other things, begin searching on the inside. Only by doing this can you clear your path of spiritual barriers and attain spiritual growth. It is important because just like our physical growth, our spirit also needs to flourish and blossom.

How to make ourselves free from these barriers?

Your Prayers:

A life with regular prayers keeps us safe from spiritual attacks. Prayer is the spiritual interaction with God. In prayer, our souls strengthen and create a powerful bond with the creator and the universe itself. In Ephesians 6:18. God encourages praying not just for yourself but other too: “In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other’s spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out”.

It’s been said that by seeking the help of God during hard times, you can unfold His wisdom and make better decisions. Constant connection with God can be made with regular prayer at the set time. It saves us from spiritual attacks and helps us in breaking the spiritual barrier.


What is fasting? Physically, it means to keep you away from food for a set period of time and spiritually to focus on God and His universe. The key is to bring your soul close to God to seek spiritual growth.

The reason for removing the spiritual growth with fasting is because you gain spiritual awareness with it and come closer to God. This intimacy removes the burden off your soul and gives you a way to higher consciousness.

Prayer and fasting in combination act as powerful tools that can remove several spiritual barriers.

Unshakable faith:

Another thing which hinders growth is the lack of faith. Now, here come two aspects: belief in God and belief in yourself.

There are many things in life for which you need to put faith in God. If we believe then everything could be possible, even if it does not seem so. Faith opens up the worlds of possibilities, hence it opens the doors of opportunities or clears our path.

Our messy thoughts are majorly responsible when we feel less from others. It makes us believe that we cannot reach our goals, but remember that it’s just in your head! With the control over your thoughts, you can have control over your life. The only limit is the one which we create, so just go for the limitlessness and surely you will achieve what you want!

The habit of forgiveness:

In our lives, we get hurt by the people and have a bad feeling for them. It is natural to think about taking revenge after something bad is said or done to us. But here, restraining from negative thoughts and revengeful urges is imperative if you want to live a peaceful life.

The feeling of hate and resentment for others snatches the happiness from our hearts. It only pushes us to focus on the negativity rather than positivity so forgive others as it will lighten your soul and give you the calmness you are looking for. 

Resistance against negativity:

When the strong wind of negativity blows in a fierce way to pin you down, it’s only your resistance that can keep you stand.

Everyone in their lives may have felt in difficult times that there are more problems than blessings and more hatred than love. What keeps you on the track of spiritual growth is the struggle against this bad feeling. The power of resistance is provided to us from God so use that against the raging storm of negativity. Some people think that what bad happens in life is from the fate but the reality is, throwing such negative thoughts from our minds help us uplift our lives and clear the path of spirituality.

Do not blame yourself:

If you self-criticize too much, then you are pushing yourself towards the wrong side.

Being critical about bad habits or mistakes is a normal thing which you should in your daily life. It assists you in becoming a better version of yourself with each passing day. What is more good than growing each day into a more beautiful person?

But the time when you feel that you have started blaming yourself too much, remember that no being in this world is perfect.

Final words:

The moment you understand that spiritual awareness is the key to happiness, contentment, and peace of mind, the doors of opportunities will open up. You just need to break those barriers that are hindering your spiritual growth.

Prayer and fasting are the twins which bring you closer to God and let you to seek help from him. Other obstacles can be removed through practising. Nothing happens in a single day. With regular practising of making yourself a better person will take you to the spiritual heights. So forgive more, hate less, praise more, criticize less and believe in more so that you only get more!

How to Clear Negative Auras & Protect Your Energy

The universe is full of different kinds of energies. In the ancient times, some great personalities who walked the face of the Earth were able to identify these energies and come up with different ways to manipulate them to their advantage. Over the years, they taught their secrets to people, moving the knowledge from one generation to the other. Today, thanks to the efforts of all of those individuals, we now possess a deeper understanding of these unseen auras. In a way, we are standing on the shoulders of the giants! However, with the increased noise of technology and skepticism, people are slowly forgetting what it means to channel their energies, to utilize their energies, and above all, how to protect their energies.

Every single day, we come into contact with a number of different energies, some of which include electromagnetic radiations, gravity (which is always acting on us), etc. Some of these energies are positive, while others don’t leave any significant impact on our lives. However, there are some energies which are spiritual in nature. If such energies are negative, they can disrupt our peace and slowly eat away on our happiness. And the scary part? All of this can happen to a person without them even realizing it in the first place. This is mainly due to lack of awareness. As a mystic entrepreneur, medium and psychic determined to help people and make the world a slightly better place, I feel that it is my responsibility to change things around.

For this reason, in this blog post, I will discuss a few ancient, tried-and-tested techniques that you can use to clear negative auras and protect your energy. I hope that by the end of this post, you would have learned about those psychic self-defense techniques and developed a far better understanding about this topic. Without any further ado, let us begin:

Best Practices to Clear Negative Auras & Defend Your Inner-Peace/Energy

There are quite a few practices for this purpose, with some requiring higher level of knowledge and certain gifts. For now, I’m just going to discuss the simpler ones. Do remember that it is completely okay to ask for help from a spiritual guru or a psychic:


The ancient Americans and some other civilizations have been practicing smudging for thousands of years. The concept of “smudging” revolves around burning special types of herbs for the purpose of “spiritual cleansing.” Some commonly used herbs for smudging include Cedar, Myrrh, Sage, Bayberry and Sweetgrass, among others. Be mindful of your choice of herbs (you can’t use just any herb for smudging.) The smoke generated by burning these special herbs has the ability to eliminate or dilute the particles and/or waves of the negative energy surrounding your house or workplace. The smoke literally absorbs the hurtful auras, similar to how modern-day air-fresheners absorb odors by killing bacteria.

Smudging is quite simple. Walk around your house or any room that you wish to “cleanse” with the burning herb in your hand. However, handle the herb with extreme care and make sure not to burn yourself or anything else inside the house.

Use Sea Salt

Salt is proven to have antimicrobial properties i.e. it has the power to fight germs. However, many are unaware of the fact that salt (sea salt, in particular) has the ability to fight off negative energies and entities that can disrupt our day-to-day lives.Salt is hygroscopic in nature, meaning that it can absorb moisture from the air. This same property of salt also lets it target and absorb bad energy waves that could be lurking nearby.

But, how can a person use sea salt to protect themselves from bad energies? Well, there are a number of ways how one can achieve that. For starters, you can fill small bowls with it and place it in different corners of your home or under your furniture. For a personalized effect, you may rub very small quantities of it on your body or add some into your bath tub.

Remove by Sweating

Sweating is one of the most natural functions of the human body. It is also proven to be a natural detoxification procedure, through which the body can get rid of toxins in a completely natural way. Through sweating, the human body is alsoable to get rid of negative energies and bad auras.

To remove bad auras through sweating, you can go for a jog, take a sauna bath or sit in a steam room.

Wear Amulets

Many people wear amulets for spiritual protection. And the best part? They make up for very attractive jewelry! Most amulets are made with special kinds of stones or metals, with some having special prayers inscribed onto them. You can wear them around your neck and protect yourself from any bad energy trying to dig its way into your life, your body, or your soul. You can also get it blessed by a spiritual person for added protection.

Ending Note

There comes a time when a person must take matters into their own hands and stop unseen entities and energy waves from harming their mental health and peace. Hopefully, by implementing the techniques discussed above, you would be able to protect your inner peace and harmony and prevent bad auras from affecting your life. All the best!

Growing Your Business and Sell with Grace


It’s no secret! Most of us women entrepreneurs are creative, passionate, hardworking; we are good at what we do but we have dirty little secret! We suck at selling and that is a big saboteur for our morale and our creative businesses. Most spiritually inclined women entrepreneurs equate being salesy with being sleazy, very unlady like, and refuse to participate in the game. As a consequence, they are left far behind in the competition. But it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why as a Mystic Wealth Creator for the conscious and spiritual women entrepreneurs, I focus a lot on this area and teach women entrepreneurs the art of selling their services and selling them with grace. One of the guests on my radio show was Dr. Nadia Brown who too focuses on this very aspect as a trainer.  Dr. Brown is the founder of Doyenne Leadership Institute, LLC and writer of Leading Like a Lady: How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling. Together, we were able to come up with a few tips for those women entrepreneurs who find the aspect of selling in their business a hard nut to crack:

Go ‘Out There’ Often

Mental blocks are subtle, unseen but they impact your action, your confidence and your creativity in a big way.  Dr Brown suggests that no matter how many skills you would learn, they would be useless if you don’t overcome the mental block, the fear of selling in your mind and heart. She recommends that one has to face one’s fears. And the best or let’s say the only way to do so is to put yourself out there. I tell women entrepreneurs who suck at sales that if they need to learn selling, then it’s very much like swimming, if they are not going to jump into the water and keep putting it off, they will never learn to swim. So my recommendation to them is the direct approach: get out there and talk to your prospect. Pick up the phone and make that dreaded sales call.  Approach your prospect at an event and introduce yourself. The more you put yourself out there, the more you would learn. With each sales call, your fear would go down a few notches. And that’s progress.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Fear is something that originates in the mind but is expressed through your body language: your gestures, movements, face expression, and choice of words. You may think that no one else can find out this dirty secret of yours but fear is most visible and apparent. It lowers your confidence level and sabotages many unseen and unrealized opportunities. Your prospects can see it and doubt your abilities. Your competition can sense it and use it against you.  One of my clients, Audrey Pyon, used to feel so much afraid during her events that she used to lock her knees often and grip with her toes. But counseling helped her overcome her fear of selling and helped her land newer prospects.

Flip Your Perceptions of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’

Thinking that a prospect’s ‘no’ is your failure and feeling demoralized over it is also a saboteur. I tell the women entrepreneurs I train that getting people, your prospective client, to say ‘yes’ is a process. It takes time and you need patience.  Even a ‘no’ is a connection established. Dr Brown very rightly points out that women need not to be afraid of rejection, stop fearing the ‘no’. She makes her clients do an exercise which comprises approaching at least 100 prospects; it doesn’t matter whether they say yes or no. She says that if you work long enough, approach enough people, you would eventually hear the ‘yes’. Also, Dr Brown has a free productivity tool called the ‘Courage Diary’, where she advises women not to measure their success solely on the basis of the number of ‘yes’ they acquire in their work schedule and record the ‘nos’ too. Even the ‘nos’ are a form of success because they show progress.

Back Passion with Real Work

Sales is hard work. It means finding your passion and turning it into a business but that alone won’t guarantee its survival. You have to put in real hard work and sweat into it. If you want the world to know that you are passionate about something, make yourself seen and heard in association with your business passion. Show them your authentic side, be it through sending an email, doing a post on facebook, twitter, and Instagram. It means doing a facebook ‘live’ feed. All these actions are a form of subtle sales generating activity, with a long term impact. Dr Brown recommends doing these ventures will get you noticed, help connect you with your next business prospect. Even if they think you are not right for them, they are likely to remember you and pass your reference on to someone else.

Selling through your heart is a creative and spiritual exercise. Instead of lying to your clients or employing manipulating tactics to land a client or retain him, trying to sell like man, let your inner conviction, purity, authenticity, and femininity speak for you. Clients are also looking for someone they can trust, rely on and build a long term relationship with. If you have been finding the sales aspect of your business, a hard nut to crack then I can help you overcome these fears. You can book exclusive time for yourself from my training calendar. The first session is exploratory and is completely free. Contact me  

5 Ways Heart-Centered and Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs Can Intensify Their Web Presence

5 Ways Heart-Centered and Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs Can Intensify Their Web Presence

One cannot help but marvel at how the power of Internet has allowed a whole new generation of Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs to join the force and really make their presence felt. During my youth, there was Internet but no social media, and we had to struggle a lot. However, women entrepreneurs these days are able to leverage the power of social media in newer and more creative ways. You don’t have to be techprenuer to do that. Today’s social media platform is so diverse and user friendly that just about anyone can use it. However, you do need to have a smart action plan and consistency.

Create Your Own Website

Some people might tell you that websites are a thing of the past, and that creating one is a waste of your time and money. However, I beg to differ. A website is your home ground, your virtual shop and your base. This is where you can list as much information about yourself and your business as you want, place helpful material for people to go through, save and download resources, invite guest bloggers, etc. So if you haven’t started a website yet, don’t wait for the perfect idea, design, and content to fall into place. Take the leap, learn, and modify as you go.

Use Diverse Mediums to Reach Your Audience

Don’t limit yourself to the ubiquitous and obvious Facebook posts. Everyone has been fishing in the same pool, so it’s getting harder and harder to catch the attention of your prospects. Create a Linked-in profile and share your articles over there, make Youtube videos, develop and send out podcasts, and create Instagram and Pinterest posts; don’t just like and share posts on Facebook and Twitter, but engage in active discussions to establish your position as an expert in your area of knowledge.

Interlink Social Media Accounts Intelligently

Social media users are interacting on a variety of platforms these days: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Use these social media outlets to post snippets of useful information, and enticing and intriguing tidbits about your service. These things will help you in drawing readers and prospective clients to your website. Hire an SEO expert for the things you don’t have expertise on.

Be Relevant and Consistent

Whether it’s your posts on social media or the content on your website, update them on a regular basis. If you use these social media outlets and your website sparingly, merely for the sake of having a web presence, then you are practically leaving money on the table and wasting a good opportunity. Also, make sure that you don’t use your social media posts for irrelevant and highly personal stuff. Establish your position as a guru and industry expert by providing relevant content on a regular basis.

Keep the Layout Simple and Accessible

Use your creativity to simplify procedures for customers, like signing up for free newsletters, receiving free products and services, enrolling in an online course, class and webinars, etc. If these procedures are dexterous and lengthy, subscribers are likely to be put off and may abandon the process altogether.

Building a solid foundation through websites and social media allows women entrepreneurs, specially the heart-centered and spiritual ones, to give the right impression to clients i.e., give them the impression that you are not a floater and have your hand at the pulse of things, and allow them to  feel that they can depend on you and your business.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Mystic Wealth Creator. I have been teaching growth-seeking conscious women entrepreneurs ways to improve their mindset, tap into their money-making stream, and create profitable six figure businesses. You can book a complimentary session with me and gain advice, coaching, resources, referrals, and much more.