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Spiritual beings like us believe that not everything that happens in our lives and businesses can be explained through logic: For instance, how can you explain the feeling of déjà vu when you visit a new place or meet a seemingly unfamiliar and unrelated person or hear a new song? Or how can you rationalize the goose bumpy feeling, the surge of emotions, the anxiety and pain when you look into old family photographs? Also, when something monumentally good or bad happens in your life and business, how often do you hear your elderly relatives telling you that history has repeated itself, or that it’s ancestral karma? Usually these declarations accompany an anecdote from your ancestors. Likewise, we sometimes experience a strong sensation that we are reliving an experience from our past over and over, or are bumping into the same kind of people again and again. Doesn’t it feel baffling?

How Ancestral Patterns Impact Us

Is there a logical and rational explanation for all this? Not really. However, this phenomenon can be explained on a spiritual and metaphysical spectrum i.e., the pain, anguish, longings and restlessness that you are experiencing is your ancestral memory asserting itself; it is a memory deeply engrained and encoded in your genes. The trauma, fears, and untreated and unhealed wounds of our ancestors are also part of our legacy, heritage, and ultimately, they are the part of our burden. They not only linger on over centuries but also drag us into a cycle of negative, chaotic behavioral patterns that keep us enslaved and chained to our limited mindset. These ancestral patterns make us feel entirely debilitated, incapacitated, paralyzed and helpless. If your ancestral legacy contained poverty, violence, addiction, depression, death, and tragedies, you are likely to get affected by it decades or even centuries after, as your beliefs, attitude and choices about work, money, success, wealth, and happiness are reflective of your ancestral legacy.

Let me tell you about my own ancestral pattern and legacy, and how it impacted me: My own poverty-laden and tragedy-stricken childhood and youth was a result of my parent’s choices, a deeply ingrained legacy of poverty and a belief system of scarcity. This was in turn the product of the vow of poverty by my ancestors long ago when they came to America. It was pretty much normal in the small town where I grew up to become “barefoot and pregnant” in your teens; this was due to the lack of enlightenment and better choices. Though I did move to a bigger city in search of wealth and happiness, I inevitably dragged my ancestral baggage with me and did end up getting pregnant, utterly broke, and almost homeless when I was 20.

Why We Must Heal Our Ancestral Patterns

Unfortunately, my parents did not know how to recondition and transform their thoughts for impactful results. However, my desire and hunger for change made me seek an alternate reality, a legacy different from that of my ancestors. It enabled me to welcome abundance, wealth, joy and happiness into my life, and work and transform it monumentally. If I could do it, so can you.

Thus, it is extremely vital to undergo ancestral healing and peacemaking by using self-awareness and enlightenment techniques and performing cosmic forgiving rituals if we want to get ahead in our lives and our businesses. This clearing, cleansing and healing of ancestral patterns would unearth the hidden energies that are:

  • Hindering your access to the right kind of clients
  • Blocking your way to your rightful monetary and wealth entitlement
  • Standing between you and the relationships you deserve
  • Stopping you from making a meaningful impact on the world

As a mystic wealth creator, I have been setting up ancestral pattern cleansing and healing sessions for many clients. These clients have had faced seemingly inexplicable losses in their lives and businesses and had been feeling stuck in repetitive patterns.  I have helped them not only unearth the reasons behind these mysterious happenings through revisiting their genealogical roots but also set healthy patterns for the future. I help these women entrepreneurs reset the stage and create the right circumstances and conditions for their personal and professional success. If you want to experience firsthand a resetting of your negative ancestral patterns and a generational clearing, blessing, and healing, then make an appointment with me today. Please visit https://clearing.youcanbook.me/