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Who doesn’t want a great life? We all have desires to get our dream life but yet, many of us are unsuccessful in having it. Setting the goals and working for it is the basic formula of winning. This is what we have heard growing up. Though many people apply this formula in their lives, they do not gain what they want.

We often complain that we do not have money, joy and good health in our lives. We think of other factors responsible for our failure or sometimes we blame ourselves too much for doing wrong but what we should understand is that greatness exists in all of us. We can do whatever we want with little tweaks in the ways of how we usually do things so,

 Is there any need to add more elements to make things work for us? Yes, there is! You can start a successful life by attracting what you want. This blog will help you to design your future according to your wish.

Clear your mind:

Cleaning your mind is the very first thing you are required to do in the process. Make space for new things by cleaning the stuff that no longer is needed. Just like physical cleaning is necessary, cleaning the mind is also important. Take some time out from your daily routine and sit in silence. Simply imagine that you are de-cluttering your mind by throwing all negative thoughts in the trash.

Another great way is meditation which will help you relax and concentrate. Through it, you will get connected with your intuition and start linking to the universe. Practice it daily and in a few days, you have full space in mind to welcome new and positive things!

Connect with the universe:

Everything in the universe works according to laws and in a similar way, our lives too. If you do not have much idea about the law of attraction, it will be good if you start by understanding how this law works. It could be a little difficult but once you start developing a relationship with the universe, you will get to know how it operates. Take a step forward by believing that the universe has great power to create and make the miracles happen for you. What you want is already present in the universe in abundance; you just need to pull it towards you.

You’ve probably heard the saying that ‘like attracts like’. If you feel good you will experience the good events happening to you. Likewise, if you have negative thoughts then negativity will open its doors for you. So be very careful about your feelings!

Set future goals:

If you do not set goals of what you want to have in life, you are not going to receive it as you intended. It becomes important when you create a block of resistance which hinders in getting the things you desire.

Before you ask the universe for something, you first need to clear your heart and mind and tune it to receive the things you wish. In other words, once you start setting the intentions, you will attract the things easily in your life.  Do not hesitate to dream big in life. Your subconscious will create a map of making things happen for you. In this way, you will start attracting resources, people, events, and opportunities and everything will go smoothly until you make your dream come true.

Believe in yourself:

Belief is a great power which facilitates you in creating a life of your dreams. You can do anything until you limit yourself from doing so. Whatever you call it, either self-belief, self-confidence, self-esteem, or self-assurance, it pulls out the inner ability, creativity, power, skills, and talent that works for you to achieve the desired results.

Therefore, have an unshakable belief in yourself. Make decisions and start working on them. If you get success, it will be great, and if you experience struggle and pain, it will be great too. Accepting the results and taking responsibility is what gives you the strong power to overcome the obstacles and achieve bigger things in life.


It is another step towards getting the desired results. With your set goals in your mind and the feeling of unwavering belief in your heart, begin to visualize that you are receiving what you want. It is not just a vision but it also required the incorporation of all your feelings and emotions into it. Add every little detail which is imperative to visualize perfectly.

Emotions and feelings play an important role in the process so permit yourself to be taken away by the feelings which you are experiencing. These will move you up to get resonate with the frequency of things and event that you are intending to attract. Keep in mind that the stronger your feelings are, the powerful your request will be and this will lead to answering of your request by the universe.

Trust the timings:

It’s not like you wish and receives instantly. With the power of belief in yourself, add up the faith in the divine timings. Whatever you ask for will come to you at the perfect time.

We do not know about the good and bad timings for us but the universe certainly knows about it. Keep faith that you will get it at the right time. You have to trust once you sent out your request into the universe that your wish will come true at the perfect timing.

After casting your wish, keep faith in the process. The one who trusts will always have their wishes come true. But remember, strong emotions and feelings are the powerful engines which steer you towards your goals so learn to utilize your feelings to resonate on the frequency which pushes desired things to you.

It’s not a matter of whether you want material things like wealth or cheerful events that bring you joy. Everything can be received once you make yourself stand at the right path and put steps forward to the right direction.