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Entrepreneurs are a special bunch of people who think, dream, enact on ideas ahead of their time. They are always thinking ten steps ahead. They get excited about ideas that no one else sees the potential in. While this kind of forward processing is a prerequisite of innovation, it is not very good for one’s inner peace and mental health. It’s not hard to imagine how easily and quickly you can get overloaded and overwhelmed and become exhausted. And it is hard to make progress, and harder to make your million when you are stretched out of your limits and burnt out. That is why it is an absolute must for entrepreneurs to take a mental break from time to time, focus on the here and now, the present moment and go with the flow, so that they can re-energize and re-synergize their energies. When we are in the right frame of mind, we are more receptive to ideas and more productive, and thus, we are able to make better progress with wealth. So, today’s Facebook live feed is dedicated the idea as to how the simple daring to live in the moment can help entrepreneurs unleash their inner millionaire:

Live in the Moment 

Entrepreneurs are used to living and running their business at a frantic pace, as they think that this is what it takes for them to succeed. This frenzy creates so much stress in their lives and not enough money or money that is not worth so much stress. Sometimes, they are skipping breakfast to go to a meeting or finish a task. So, I am going to teach you a powerful technique to learn to live in the moment.

Step 1:

Join your index finger with your thumb. Do the same with your other hand.  It’s called a mudra. This is usually a position you use when you do meditation during yoga. But this is only step one. The secret knowledge that I have gained from my time in the mystic and mystery school is how to use this position and technique to close your energetic circuits so that this is going to be a complete internal loop instead of an external loop.

Step 2:

This is the part that nobody talks about, and they don’t tell you about it. As the next step, you take the tip of your tongue, and you find the mound in the center behind your teeth on the roof of your mouth, and you put the tip on that mound like this. And you have the mudra, in which you have closed an energy circuit. This will help you get back into the present moment.

Step 3:

The third step for you to take after closing your energy circuits is to start breathing all the way down to your toes.  You breathe through your nose and breathe in nice and deep. The next step is to breathe deeply. When you take a breath in through your nose, you breathe in nice and deep and take in all the positive energy and reviving energy. Now, imagine the energy going down to your toes and grounding you into the earth, and then you breathe out and imagine this beautiful energy from the earth coming up through your body, just like a tree is grounded to the ground through its base. Now, start pulling out all the gunk, the garbage, the craziness, that energy that you just no longer want, the negativity and dropping it right into the earth. Let it go! Breathe out all that stuff you no longer want.

Step 4:

Now, you breathe in and think of yourself as focused, balanced, and centered. Hold your breathe and this thought for a moment. ‘focused, balanced, and centered’ are my focus words but you can choose any other focus words to breathe in. For instance, you can choose to breathe in ‘Clarity’. Or, you can choose to focus on ‘Relaxation’ (whatever aspects you struggle with in your life, you can focus on them in this exercise, so that they become your inner reality). As long as you breathe in three or four breaths and you bring into the moment, this brings your energy back into you, back into the core.

This exercise will take only 30 seconds of your time but help you re-energize yourself for a few hours. You can practice this meditation exercise when you are driving, as long as you can keep your eyes open and on the road but I would recommend that you should do it on a stop light rather than during driving or whenever you have a chance to sit down or stand up quietly for a few minutes.

Silence The Outer World and Return Within

There is far too much chaos around us. Technology, no wonder how great it is, adds to this clutter and chaos in our lives. It makes us unbalanced and unstable and run into an information overload. Since our attention are constantly focused on our smartphones, the social media We are connected so much to the outer world that we have forgotten how to look within and connect with our inner selves. So when you use the above mentioned exercises, you are able to clear out your mind and focus on your thoughts a little bit at least. When a space between your thought is finally created, it is in where your ancient sacred self, your wise-soul self will get a chance to emerge. This is the space in which you tap into your true meaning of life. This is the place where your inner millionaire is going to connect with you and you would get to know what your next step is. I take my own advice seriously and that’s why I am taking a digital retreat for two weeks to a monastery.

Write Down and Follow Up On Your Goals – The GAPP Method 

When you are finally learning to discover your inner focus, I want you to take the next steps that you do is what I call GAPP.

G stands for writing down your goals. Well, that’s pretty common for successful achievement of your outcomes and wealth creation; everyone vouches for that and so would I. When you start writing down your goals, you start being able to focus more, so you learn to start living in the moment. In doing so, you are writing your wealth centered and wealth creation goals and you start tapping into your inner millionaire.

A stands for actionable steps, which is the second step in the GAPP method. This means setting actionable steps can you take to start moving towards your goals. Remember, if your actionable steps are overwhelming, if you feel stop, stuck, or unable to do them, then this means that the action step is too big. So, you need to bring it down.

P stands for prioritization, which is the next step. This means prioritizing your goals, your action steps. Then you really need to bring yourself back to the present moment, breath into it, sense it, and become aware of how you are going to be able to prioritize your goals and your action steps. This awareness and strategizing will help you become aware so that you can move one step at a time and become closer and closer to success with each step.

P (the second one in GAPP) is consciously, actively planning for success, and also, making concrete, solid, realistic plans, so that you will be able to reach your goals.

When you are super focused and relaxed, your mind would become sharper, more intuitive and more receptive towards money-making, profitable ideas that yield results. Your inner millionaire would become stronger than ever. Try these mindfulness techniques from today onwards.

I am Luci McMonagle, I work in the realms of spiritualism and mysticism. I do mediumship and energy readings and healings for mystic entrepreneurs with a big mission and wanting to make a bigger impact on the world. You might already know that I have authored a book on mystic wealth creation which is called Magical Money Manifestations. It’s not only full of the ancient and mystic knowledge of wealth creation but also connect ideas with practical exercises that makes it easier to get results.  Go to Amazon and get hold of this book. You would also be able to sign up for bonus material , such as the ‘21 magical money manifestation tips’ and a whole lot of mystical gifts that would open you up for success, money, and happiness.