You are a woman entrepreneur and have just started your first business. You are good at what you do, but you are still unable to make customers and make more money. It makes you feel frustrated and want to give up on your dream of going beyond the six-figure income.

If this is how it is for you, then what if I tell you, that making a small change in your sales mindset can help you click with your customers instantly, and sell more. Interested?

Here is how.

Understand What You are REALLY Selling

When I say this, you would probably think that this point is a no-brainer; it is your product or service, so of course you know what you are selling! But most entrepreneurs really fail to understand what they are selling. They think that they are selling web designing services, financial planning solutions, diet plans, etc. However, what you should understand is that in reality, you are not selling services but selling the benefits that your respective services provide to the customers.

Change the Way How You Think About the Client and Approach Him

If you are starting your sales pitch with an introduction of who you are and what you sell, you have been doing it all wrong. If you go to a client with the singular goal of making a sale then you are thinking only about yourself and your interest, and are not thinking about or looking after the client’s interest. So, it’s natural that the client is suspicious and weary of you and is looking out for his own money and interest. He would ask himself and you: “What’s in it for me?” Since both of you are unable to recognize a common ground in a sales meeting, you are unable to click. Here is what you should do instead the next time you are approaching your clients:

  • Change the way you see them.
  • Understand how they feel right now and how they want to feel ultimately in life.
  • Recognize their problems, needs and goals.

Recognize What are the Customers’ Problems, Needs

Understand what customers want, what are their problems or needs. If you don’t understand these needs then you have to do a better target market research in order to understand your prospective customers before you start selling your service to them. Customers will obviously be interested in buying a service, a solution that can help them solve a problem. So, your service should be a part of the solution to that problem.

Tell Them How They Feel and How You Can Change That

It’s all about the ‘feelings’. Think about it this way; when you are trying out a new dress, you want to buy it because of how it looks on you, it makes you FEEL good, confident, beautiful stylish. So feelings are critical in decision making. The feeling paradigm has two states: the BEFORE and AFTER. If customers have a problem, they feel frustrated, stuck, unhappy, dissatisfied, etc. So start by telling your customers that you understand what their problem is and how they are feeling because you or someone you know has encountered the same problem and has felt the same way. This is called empathy.

This will make them see you as a person who understands them, or as someone who is looking out for them and not as someone who is just interested in making a sale. Now tell them how your service can solve their problem, make their life easy. Then, tell the customers how your service/solution can make them feel i.e., happy, successful, satisfied, accomplished, well respected and rich. Tell me who doesn’t want to feel all this? Here is a flow chart of how the process goes:

What am I selling> What is the Client’s Problem> How is He feeling > Problem Solved > Good Feelings> Great Respect> Successful Life >

Let’s see all this illustrated in a chart:

What Am I Selling What the Customer Needs, Wants, Desires What The Customer Feels Right Now
(the Before Picture)
How YourServiceCan Help Him Achieve These and More… What Happens to the Customer After He Uses Your Service

Website Design and hosting Services A medium to sell his products/services Frustrated
Your website can help him sell more products, generate profit and leads. Accomplished Successful Rich
Financial  services  More saving More money Impoverished Insecure about the future Your financial plans can help him save, invest and get rich. Secure  With peace of mindProsperous
Diet Plans A healthy body Fat Unattractive Tired Ill Your diet plans can help him eat right and become healthy. Slim Fit Beautiful Healthy
Now this column is for you to fill out        

I am Luci McMonagle, a motivational speaker, the Abundance Breakthrough Coach. I have over 20 years of experience in coaching creative and spiritual Women Entrepreneurs how to make more money through my business mindset change training and live beyond the 6 figure income goal. You can book a complimentary session with me today to learn the ways I can help you.

Change the method how you understand your own service, you see your customer, and then approach him. Understand his problems; understand how he feels right now due to his problem and how he wants to feel ultimately. Make him understand how your service can solve this problem and make him very happy, satisfied, and rich. Follow the same order in your sales pitch with your next client, and I guarantee that you will experience a sales breakthrough…