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What Does It Mean to Have Psychic Abilities?

What Does It Mean to Have Psychic Abilities?

Many people scoff at the idea of having psychic abilities, such as telepathy or levitation- to name some of the commonly known ones, but they definitely exist. While many don’t believe in this, a large chunk of the world’s population believes in the existence of a supernatural world. This world is not part of the physical world we live in, but it isn’t that difficult to connect with this world.



What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Psychic?

Well, being psychic generally means having the ability to tap into the spiritual world or use extrasensory perception, using that energy to perform various acts which can include:

  • Astral projection- Projecting your consciousness outside of your physical body.
  • Automatic writing- Writing or drawing unconsciously
  • Divination- Being able to gain insight through processes such as Tarot card reading
  • Levitation- Being able to fly or float
  • Telekinesis- Controlling objects through your mind
  • Mediumship- Having the ability to talk to spirits
  • Premonition- Identifying future events which are about to occur
  • Retrocognition- Know what is happening at a distant location
  • Psychometry- Gauging information about something through the sense of touch

While a selected few are able to tap into these abilities without specific training or guidance, most individuals need to practice the wielding of such abilities. Normally, you have to work towards becoming proficient in the above-mentioned psychic abilities.


Which Signs Indicate That You Might Be Psychic?

Interestingly, there are several signs which can indicate that you may have psychic abilities. If you can relate to these signs, you can work towards tapping into them to increase your power over such abilities.

  • Ability to sense the future- This ranges from being able to sense danger, get certain vibes from a place or person indicating how your interaction with them will turn out and having a strong feeling about a future event. Another manifestation of this is having visions and vivid dreams frequently, which normally have some meaning in your life.
  • Ability to communicate with the spiritual world- This normally translates into seeing spirits, talking to them, detecting their presence or their auras, hearing voices and seeing things in your peripheral vision.
  • Ability to gauge details about other people- Normally, psychics can pick up information about other people just by touching them, being around them or sensing their auras. This allows them to give great advice.

Tapping into psychic abilities can really change the way you perceive the world, and identifying these signs should set you on the right path.

4 Tips to Return Your Personal Power

 Are you ready to reclaim your personal power and start feeling more energized?

Here are 4 Fabulous Tips you can do to Return Your Personal Power:




Here’s my Video for you:

Step 1: Replenish Your Energy  

We all need mental and physical energy to keep our bodies and mind agile and running. If we are running on the empty constantly, we would get exhausted very quickly and we won’t be able to accomplish our goals. So, you need proper nutrition i.e., fuel and proper rest so that your body can function properly. Your body is just like a machine, it needs oiling, proper care, adequate downtime in order to work properly. If you are not taking proper sleep, if you are not taking adequate amounts of water, if you are not having nutritious, well-balanced meals then you are abusing your body. Our body comprises about 67% water (some say more) which we keep losing through bodily functions. If we do not replenish this loss quickly enough, our body ends up suffering, our mental and physical energy start diminishing very fast, and we start falling short of what we want to accomplish. Therefore, it’s important for you to get proper sleep and rest, drink enough water, and eat healthy and nutritious meals throughout the year.

Step 2: Embrace Your Physical Form

Another aspect that I want to address in this regard is our body’s apparent shape or physical form and the need to embrace it. No one is born perfect! Most individuals get upset because they think that they are too fat, too big, too thin, too small, too tall, too short, so on and so forth.  Let’s say that if you are taking proper care of yourself, like taking proper rest and sleep, eating well, having adequate water, exercising, etc, but your body type and shape are not changing then it means that there is a specific purpose your body is supposed to serve. This means that your physical form was designed specifically for fulfilling your soul’s purpose and mission. So, embrace your body’s physical reality wholeheartedly and let it serve you and your mission. Your body would respond and cooperate with you accordingly.

Step 3: Find Your Soul Pieces and Reclaim Them

Let me ask you where your soul pieces are? Are they laying somewhere in the dust of time? Are pieces of you stuck in the past, with hurts of old belief systems and old harms? Or maybe you have been traveling at night astrally, going across the galaxy seeking, finding and looking for something but you forgot to return home in your current physical form. You wake up suddenly with a jolt as if you have just crash-landed into your body.  And you wake up all groggy and tired, despite sleeping for ten hours or so. That’s usually a sign that you have been out and about, traveling outside your body.

Just like our physical and mental energy, our souls also carry energy. Sometimes, we feel spiritually exhausted. There appears to be a detachment between our body and soul, and our souls’ pieces appear to be strewn across the universe instead of residing in our bodies. This also happens when you have been working solely on your upper chakras, hoping to evolve spiritually but there is a disconnection between your upper and lower chakras, as you have forgotten to focus on and ground your lower chakras. You must remember that in order to create a manifestation of abundance from the Universe, you need all of you, you need to work on all of you.

Step 4: Reclaiming Your Energy and Personal Power through Meditation

Once you have determined that you are out of your depth, your energy, and personal power then you can use this powerful meditation which would help you find out some of your soul pieces and return them back to yourself. Now, this by no means a complete session which would help you get back all of your soul pieces together in just one attempt. This is just to give you an idea, a start, into the process that would help you determine where your energy and soul pieces are and how you can return to your personal power. Let me also remind you! Don’t attempt this meditation practice when you are driving or operating heavy machinery or at any time when you cannot close your eyes and relax. Once you are fully engaged, relaxed, and alert, sit in a comfortable position and do the following:

  1. Readjust your body if you have to. This means uncrossing your feet and placing them firmly on the ground and also uncrossing your hands. You can also lie down instead of sitting.
  2. Now, join your index finger with your thumb and form a circle. Do this with both your hands.
  3. Then put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth at the place where there’s a little mound just above your teeth.
  4. Now just breathe in and out through your nose, all the way down to the base, all the way down to the soles of your feet. Breathe out anything and everything that’s preventing you from moving forward in life and achieving wealth.
  5. Now we want to become aware, so start asking yourself things like: “Where is my energy, where are my soul pieces?” As a response, you might get images; you might see something from a different time and a different place, which might be retaining your energy.
  6. Sometimes, instead of visual pictures, you start having feelings, sensations, longing and desire that something is missing from your life.
  7. Now, start bringing your attention to your very base, the chakra root chakra. If you have been doing hard work, putting in your sweat and tears, doing physical labor and your energy has gotten depleted as a result, it’s time to pull the missing energy back into the base chakra and pull back and reclaim your personal power. Create a little vacuum by pulling your breath out and then in again.
  8. Now, move on to your second chakra, the sacral chakra, which is approximately a few inches below the belly button. Then ask yourself: “Where is my creativity, the personal power for my sacral?” Once you are able to locate it then create a vacuum by sucking the breath out and filling it in and guide your sacral energy back home.
  9. Similarly, move up to your solar plexus. Locate where your power your personal power maybe and then by sucking it up, bringing it back home.
  10. Now, move on to your heart chakra. Think of all of the pieces of your heart that you were giving away all of the times that you were professing your love, giving your love to others but not getting love in equal terms. Breathe in breathe out and guide your love and energy back home. Once you do this, you would start feeling this beautiful vocal energy filling you up.
  11. Now move into your throat energy center, your throat chakra. Start recalling where you gave your energy away. Ask yourself things like: “Where did I give my voice away; where did I betray myself, where did I give away my power? When was I too weak to speak? When did I speak out of harshness and out of anger and frustration? Now start recalling your personal energy and bringing it back to your throat energy center.
  12. Now move up to the third eye, which is a little bit above the eyebrows in the center of your forehead. Assess where you have betrayed yourself, in instances where you didn’t listen to your intuitive abilities. When you didn’t pay attention to what was going on and around you and you suffered as a consequence. Now bring back your personal power from all of the times where you used logic against intuition and betrayed yourself and all the times when people used logic against your intuition and hurt you. Breathe in and forgive yourself and forgive others.
  13. Now move up to your crown chakra, which is on the top of the head. Find out all of the times that you were disconnected from your higher self, from your higher chakras and higher energy centers. Then pull your personal power back together into the crown.
  14. Start creating an energetic system! Here is how: From the crown, move down to your third eye, through your throat, through your heart, through your solar plexus, through your sacral back, through your base chakra. Create a circuit loop so that it loops out all the way around 360. If you’re looking at this on a holographic level, you would be in the center and would see little lines coming up, coming down all the way around you in a 360 sphere. You have become this magnetic persona, full of gravitational energy. You are sucking your personal power back. You are disconnecting any and all cords and all attachments that are not benefiting you, letting go of energies that are sucking your personal power, instead of empowering you. You are letting go of anything that is not good for your health, your wealth, and that is stopping you from your ability to move forward.
  15. Feel your toes, your fingers. Breathe in deeply and let go of the tip of your fingers forming the loop. Remove your tongue’s tip from the mound above your teeth.

Now just feel and relish how it feels to be more empowered, how it feels to have more of your pieces back to you. Do you feel a little more confident? Do you feel a little more excited? Do you feel that you are ready to have that what you desire? Prosperity, happiness and peace.  Once you use this process to bring back your own personal power, you will be able to start making the second half of 2019 the best year ever; the start of your legacy building. Now here is a radically different and useful tool for you to utilize.

Must Have Crystals for Healing

Today, I would like to talk about some stone-cold facts. Did you know that the practice of using crystals in healing rituals date back to 6,000 years? At the time of Sumerians of Mesopotamia, crystals were used to ward-off negative energy. In Ancient Egypt, quartz was placed on the eyes of the dead to guide them into after life. Perhaps the true use of crystals has been mastered by Chinese and Hindus. The former race of people uses it as a concept of chi or qi, and the latter people use it as a concept in aligning chakras (a word from Sanskrit that references to the spiritual energy center that lies within the human body). In some cultures, it is also believed that a healing stone takes the brunt of the challenges coming your way, sparing you. The after effects become visible on the stone in the form of cracks.

Healing Crystals for Beginners

Tumbled Stones

These vibrant colored and polished energy muse stones are used in alternative medicine to transmit energy. These crystal stones are also used for healing and in chakra-balancing. Chakra refers to the disk or wheel of energy within the human body, and tumbled stones are placed on different points to relieve the human body of physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual discomforts.

Since these stones are small and portable, you can easily fit them inside a purse or pocket. Tumbled stones are widely used for good luck, as well as keep the negative energies surrounding you at bay. Tumbled stones can also be used for Chakra healing. Placing a stone on your energy sensitive spot will help you connect with your inner self and bring peace and comfort to your current state.

It is rather confusing when it comes to selecting a stone that will connect with your energy source. Therefore, here is a list of colored stones that can bring about relief to different body parts:

  • Red & Black Stones – Root Chakra (Base of the spine)
  • Orange Stones – Sacral Chakra (Lower belly, lumbar vertebrae and genital area)
  • Yellow and Gold Stones – Solar Plexus Chakra (Upper belly or diaphragm)
  • Green and Pink Stones – Heart Chakra (Center of chest)
  • Blue Stones – Throat Chakra (Throat or Neckline)
  • Indigo and Purple Stones – Third Eye Chakra (Between the eyebrows or above the bridge of the nose)
  • Violet and White Stones – Crown Chakra (Top of head or slightly above)

While healing stones are real and do work, you also need to know about the placebo effect. It is possible that any ailment you have might not have been healed by the crystal, but due the positive thoughts and routine you adopted once you had it on you. Before making up your mind, here is what the father of physics, Albert Einstein had to say about healing crystals and stones:

Everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life. Therefore, if you think crystals have healing potential, the positive vibes of the stones will amplify those thoughts

7 Must Have Crystals for a Healthier Life

When you are curious about crystals and their role in harnessing their power in your life, you will go to extreme lengths to understand the different types and their benefits. While the tumbled stones mentioned above are more common, here are 7 crystals that have amazing and long-lasting effects on your mind and body:

Turquoise is for Healing

Often referred to as the master healer, it bridges the energy gap between heaven and earth. From ancient scripture, Turquoise is known to provide protection and good luck, and that the healing properties are magnified by 100 if given as a gift.

Bloodstone for Energy

Often worn as an amulet, Bloodstone helps purify blood. Our health and optimized functioning are associated with blood and energy flowing smoothly through our veins, and Bloodstone is a powerful stimulant that helps overcome negative thoughts, self-doubt and lethargy.

Smoky Quartz for Letting Go

This stone transmutes negative energy, acting as a protective shield against undesirable energy. It helps release old, blocked and stagnant energy, allowing new energy to run through your body and ignite hope again.

Rose Quartz for Love

This stone helps to heal the energy of your heart. It encourages forgiveness, and emits vibration of love, compassion and beauty that will relieve you of stress and embrace everything with open arms.

Carnelian for Creativity

Carnelian (also referred to as an actions tone) removes stuck or blocked creative energy that may be dominating your mind, leaving you depressed and uninspired. The vibrant orange color stimulates passion, restores motivation, joy and confidence.

Celestite for Stress

The blue color of this crystal will induce peace and happiness into your body. Celestite is ideal to place in the bedroom, and will bring in harmonious energy and tranquility, encouraging a sound sleep. If place directly on your body, Celestite helps release stress from different areas of the body.

Shungite for Protection against EMF

An ancient crystal found in Russia, Shungite is still being researched for its magical and heavenly properties. It is known to act as a powerful shield against EMF, (electrical magnetic forces). It helps absorb pollutants and other negative energies surrounding you. All you need to do is place a piece of the stone next to your computer or wear at around your neck as an energy shield.

How a Small Sales Mindset Change Can Help You Click with Your Customers and Sell More

How a Small Sales Mindset Change Can Help You Click with Your Customers and Sell More


You are a woman entrepreneur and have just started your first business. You are good at what you do, but you are still unable to make customers and make more money. It makes you feel frustrated and want to give up on your dream of going beyond the six-figure income.

If this is how it is for you, then what if I tell you, that making a small change in your sales mindset can help you click with your customers instantly, and sell more. Interested?

Here is how.

Understand What You are REALLY Selling

When I say this, you would probably think that this point is a no-brainer; it is your product or service, so of course you know what you are selling! But most entrepreneurs really fail to understand what they are selling. They think that they are selling web designing services, financial planning solutions, diet plans, etc. However, what you should understand is that in reality, you are not selling services but selling the benefits that your respective services provide to the customers.

Change the Way How You Think About the Client and Approach Him

If you are starting your sales pitch with an introduction of who you are and what you sell, you have been doing it all wrong. If you go to a client with the singular goal of making a sale then you are thinking only about yourself and your interest, and are not thinking about or looking after the client’s interest. So, it’s natural that the client is suspicious and weary of you and is looking out for his own money and interest. He would ask himself and you: “What’s in it for me?” Since both of you are unable to recognize a common ground in a sales meeting, you are unable to click. Here is what you should do instead the next time you are approaching your clients:

  • Change the way you see them.
  • Understand how they feel right now and how they want to feel ultimately in life.
  • Recognize their problems, needs and goals.

Recognize What are the Customers’ Problems, Needs

Understand what customers want, what are their problems or needs. If you don’t understand these needs then you have to do a better target market research in order to understand your prospective customers before you start selling your service to them. Customers will obviously be interested in buying a service, a solution that can help them solve a problem. So, your service should be a part of the solution to that problem.

Tell Them How They Feel and How You Can Change That

It’s all about the ‘feelings’. Think about it this way; when you are trying out a new dress, you want to buy it because of how it looks on you, it makes you FEEL good, confident, beautiful stylish. So feelings are critical in decision making. The feeling paradigm has two states: the BEFORE and AFTER. If customers have a problem, they feel frustrated, stuck, unhappy, dissatisfied, etc. So start by telling your customers that you understand what their problem is and how they are feeling because you or someone you know has encountered the same problem and has felt the same way. This is called empathy.

This will make them see you as a person who understands them, or as someone who is looking out for them and not as someone who is just interested in making a sale. Now tell them how your service can solve their problem, make their life easy. Then, tell the customers how your service/solution can make them feel i.e., happy, successful, satisfied, accomplished, well respected and rich. Tell me who doesn’t want to feel all this? Here is a flow chart of how the process goes:

What am I selling> What is the Client’s Problem> How is He feeling > Problem Solved > Good Feelings> Great Respect> Successful Life >

Let’s see all this illustrated in a chart:

What Am I Selling What the Customer Needs, Wants, Desires What The Customer Feels Right Now
(the Before Picture)
How YourServiceCan Help Him Achieve These and More… What Happens to the Customer After He Uses Your Service

Website Design and hosting Services A medium to sell his products/services Frustrated
Your website can help him sell more products, generate profit and leads. Accomplished Successful Rich
Financial  services  More saving More money Impoverished Insecure about the future Your financial plans can help him save, invest and get rich. Secure  With peace of mindProsperous
Diet Plans A healthy body Fat Unattractive Tired Ill Your diet plans can help him eat right and become healthy. Slim Fit Beautiful Healthy
Now this column is for you to fill out        

I am Luci McMonagle, a motivational speaker, the Abundance Breakthrough Coach. I have over 20 years of experience in coaching creative and spiritual Women Entrepreneurs how to make more money through my business mindset change training and live beyond the 6 figure income goal. You can book a complimentary session with me today to learn the ways I can help you.

Change the method how you understand your own service, you see your customer, and then approach him. Understand his problems; understand how he feels right now due to his problem and how he wants to feel ultimately. Make him understand how your service can solve this problem and make him very happy, satisfied, and rich. Follow the same order in your sales pitch with your next client, and I guarantee that you will experience a sales breakthrough…