What Does It Mean to Have Psychic Abilities?

What Does It Mean to Have Psychic Abilities?

Many people scoff at the idea of having psychic abilities, such as telepathy or levitation- to name some of the commonly known ones, but they definitely exist. While many don’t believe in this, a large chunk of the world’s population believes in the existence of a supernatural world. This world is not part of the physical world we live in, but it isn’t that difficult to connect with this world.



What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Psychic?

Well, being psychic generally means having the ability to tap into the spiritual world or use extrasensory perception, using that energy to perform various acts which can include:

  • Astral projection- Projecting your consciousness outside of your physical body.
  • Automatic writing- Writing or drawing unconsciously
  • Divination- Being able to gain insight through processes such as Tarot card reading
  • Levitation- Being able to fly or float
  • Telekinesis- Controlling objects through your mind
  • Mediumship- Having the ability to talk to spirits
  • Premonition- Identifying future events which are about to occur
  • Retrocognition- Know what is happening at a distant location
  • Psychometry- Gauging information about something through the sense of touch

While a selected few are able to tap into these abilities without specific training or guidance, most individuals need to practice the wielding of such abilities. Normally, you have to work towards becoming proficient in the above-mentioned psychic abilities.


Which Signs Indicate That You Might Be Psychic?

Interestingly, there are several signs which can indicate that you may have psychic abilities. If you can relate to these signs, you can work towards tapping into them to increase your power over such abilities.

  • Ability to sense the future- This ranges from being able to sense danger, get certain vibes from a place or person indicating how your interaction with them will turn out and having a strong feeling about a future event. Another manifestation of this is having visions and vivid dreams frequently, which normally have some meaning in your life.
  • Ability to communicate with the spiritual world- This normally translates into seeing spirits, talking to them, detecting their presence or their auras, hearing voices and seeing things in your peripheral vision.
  • Ability to gauge details about other people- Normally, psychics can pick up information about other people just by touching them, being around them or sensing their auras. This allows them to give great advice.

Tapping into psychic abilities can really change the way you perceive the world, and identifying these signs should set you on the right path.

Develop a Resilient Mindset to Deal with Disappointments in your New Business

Develop a Resilient Mindset to Deal with Disappointments in your New Business

Disappointments are inevitable in life, so your small business endeavors are no exceptions to this: Your new business failed to generate any profits in the first few months, a lead or referral failed to convert into a business opportunity, a prospective sales meeting turned out to be a dud; a client expressed disappointment with your work, your partner quit, your new campaign failed to generate the necessary buzz… the list simply goes on.  How successfully you are able to deal with these negativities, failures, disappointments, and criticisms and still strive to make your small business grow, shows the kind of mindset you possess i.e., either a limited mindset or a growth oriented one. Your resilience would ultimately determine the future directions of your business. 80% of women entrepreneurs end up quitting in the first year of their business because they are unable to cope with difficulties, competitions, disappointments and failure.  The 20% who are able to survive and thrive may not be the most innovative and talented ones but are certainly more spirited, tenacious, and resilient than the rest of the lot. Here is what these entrepreneurs do differently than others when it comes to dealing with entrepreneurial struggles, failures, and disappointments:

They Acknowledge their Feelings

Growth oriented women entrepreneurs are more likely to acknowledge their feelings related to failure and display their emotions. They don’t keep things bottled inside till they break. They internalize the process as well as externalizing it in meaningful ways. This unique ability gives them a default advantage of getting over their disappointments and failures more quickly and getting back in the game.

They Seek and Give Support

Mentally strong women entrepreneurs are more likely to talk about their complex feelings related to failure and disappointments in their support circle, and seek emotional support rather than suffering in silence. They use their feminine traits of relationship building, compassion, nurturing, and empathy to build a circle of trust and care, and draw strength from it in times of need. As a result, they are more likely to purge their negative emotions, recover quickly from their disappointments and get back on track.

They Are Unafraid to Ask for and Give Help

Unbound by her ego, a women entrepreneur is not shy and afraid when it comes to asking for help from those who are more knowledgeable and experienced than she is. She understands that asking for help when things go wrong will allow her to resolve the problem quickly, fix mistakes and learn from them, and make quick progress. Likewise, she gives others her time and assistance generously because she believes in spreading good karma and feeding the spirit of abundance in the Universe.

They Look for Solutions, Adjustments and Compromises

A women entrepreneur with a progressive attitude doesn’t possess a “my way or the high way” attitude. She tries to understand her clients’ and partners’ needs, and looks for ways and solutions to accommodate them. She becomes flexible, reassesses her own goals, and looks for newer ways to reach them. She works with the belief that she can help people and can also build a successful business on this principle in the process of helping others.

It takes a lot of spunk to run your business in the real world, to be able to put yourself out there, allow yourself to make mistakes, become vulnerable, open yourself to criticisms and disappointments, be willing to look vulnerable and even stupid, assess where you went wrong and why, and gather the courage to get back up on the horse after a knockdown and get going again as if nothing happened.  Over the years, as a serial entrepreneur, I started lots of side businesses; some failed, but many thrived. Had I given up on the initial failures, I wouldn’t have been able to reach where I am today. Resilience and a strong mindset do wonders for you.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Miracles Abundance Coach. I conduct personalized sessions with businesswomen so as to help them recognize the blind spots, self-sabotaging patterns in their businesses and life, and replace them with healthier, more productive attitudes and mindset. Most clients that work with me are able to make positive changes in their mindsets, their work styles and lifestyles, and experience transformative results in a matter of months. My coaching calendar is booked ahead for months by lots of ambitious and spunky women, but new slots open up as well, as I get free. So if you are serious about your business, book a complimentary assessment with me today. We will figure out what you need right now to help your business grow: resources, referrals, or anything else.

How To Heal Your Money Story and Transform Your Life and Business

How To Heal Your Money Story and Transform Your Life and Business

How To Heal Your Money Story and Transform Your Life and Business

You might have heard about the term money story and may have wondered what it’s about and whether it is relevant to you or not. Everyone has a unique money story. This story determines the direction of our careers, jobs, business and success. Understanding it has immense power and potential for mindful, conscious and spiritual female entrepreneurs. Here is why:

The Money Story and Its Importance

Our money story is based on our childhood memories about and experiences with money, primarily shaped by our parents’ perceptions, teachings and lifestyle. It can be negative and debilitating or it can be positive and enabling. Our money story forms the foundation of our relationship with money.

The Money Story and Mindsets

Our money story depends a lot on our familial mindsets, that is, the mindsets of our parents, their respective relationships with money and how it shaped their lives. It can be a scarce mindset or a scrupulous one. We usually end up inheriting our parents’ crazy money legacy and mindsets. If our parents had a negative, impoverished and stingy outlook of life, it would create a legacy of unfulfilled desires, guilt and financial worries. An unscrupulous or reckless money legacy would create a life of debts, overindulgence, meaningless opulence, dissatisfaction and depression. Here’s an elaboration of each mindset and lifestyle:

The Scarce or Impoverished Mindset

If your parents held a scarce or impoverished mindset, you might have been raised with and inherited the beliefs:

‘Money is never enough.’

‘We cannot afford this/that.’

‘We should hold on tight to every penny.’

‘It’s hard to earn a living.’

‘Money and rich people are evil.’

Consequently, your own relationship with money would be guilt-prone, worrisome, shameful and disempowering.

The Reckless, Inflated Money Mindset

If your parents had a reckless, unscrupulous or inflated money mindset, you might have been raised with and inherited the beliefs:

‘Money is coming from somewhere.’

‘We can afford everything.’

 ‘God will take care of everything.’

‘It’s alright to buy everything you like, even on credit, as long as it makes you happy.’

‘It’s fine to live in debt.’

This easy-money, debt-reliant, work-avoiding and lavish mindset ultimately leads to mindless spending bereft of happiness, a sense of meaninglessness, depression, guilt and a plunge into debts. Hence, a riches to rags crisis!

Heal Your Money Story

Embark on a healing journey with money today through these small and gradual steps:

  1. Understand What Money is: Realize that money doesn’t grow on trees and that it must not be wasted. Understand what money does. Contrary to the popular belief, money doesn’t boil down just to numbers and digits. It is about emotion and attitude, contentment, peace and happiness. That’s why some people earning relatively lesser than others may end up being more content and happier as compared to others who might be making much more but have a faulty mindset.
  2. Manifest an Abundant Mindset: Replace your impoverished or inflated mindset by manifesting an abundant mindset in order to heal it. Manifesting abundance means holding the following beliefs:

‘The Universe is conspiring to provide me whatever I need.’

‘I am financially successful and confidant.’

‘I attract clients who value me and my work and I love to work with them.’

‘I am confidant of asking for my worth and working towards it.’

By giving yourself these self-assuring, positive messages, you are opening yourself to invite the abundance that the universe is offering indiscriminately.

I believe in and am a living example of a healed money story.  I come from a broken home and was raised on hand-me-down clothes, federally funded school lunches and frequent moves. The poverty-money legacy continued and I grew up to be a single mom, dependent on welfare in my twenties. Later in life, I went on to pioneer my own business and was able to buy a car and a house within a few years. I made millions and was able to travel the world: all because I decided to rewrite my own impoverished money!

I teach individuals how to balance their spirituality, mindset and lifestyle in order to help them build their business on a solid and stable foundation. Book a complimentary session with her today.

3 Small Habits that May Be Sabotaging Your Small Business and How to Change Them

3 Small Habits that May Be Sabotaging Your Small Business and How to Change Them

3 Small Habits that May Be Sabotaging Your Small Business and How to Change Them


Our habits and mindset form the core of our personal as well as professional lives. Even the seemingly small but positive habits make a far-reaching and deeper impact on our business, whereas the negative ones will eventually run the most successful business into the ground. These habits stop ambitious entrepreneurs and their businesses from achieving their full potential. Here are three seemingly small habits that may be cramping your business style and some ways you can fix them:

Not Asking the Right Questions

Once the exhilaration of landing a new customer fades, the entrepreneurs naturally scramble forward to get the job done quickly. However, they don’t often pause and consider if they have enough information to not only do the job but do it efficiently and thoroughly enough. Their lack of knowledge stems from not asking enough questions because they perceive that asking too many questions at an early stage may make them look inexperienced or confused to their customers. Since a service is an intangible product, there is more room for miscommunication there. That’s why you should always ask our clients these questions at the start of a project:

  • What are the customer’s expectations?
  • What are deliverables?
  • What is the deadline?
  • How much is he supposed to pay in total?

These questions will not only help you get the necessary information but also in developing a mutual understanding with the client that would go a long way.

Not Listening Enough

Entrepreneurs are full of passion as well as ego, which makes them averse to honest criticism or feedback. Even criticism has value if it’s given and taken in the right spirit. Being receptive to customers’ feedback enables one to do the following:

  • Understand the customers’ exact needs and adapt one’s service according to it.
  • Pinpoint and fix the loopholes.
  • Improve service quality as a well as profitability.

 Being receptive to the customers’ needs and opinions help them feel valued and increase their sense of affiliation with and ownership of your brand.

Having Only a Need-based Relationship with Customers

The dynamic of your relationship with your customers depends upon how often you interact with them and for what purpose. If you get in touch with people only when you have something to sell, then they are more likely to see you only as a self-centered, pushy sales person and not as a trusted contact delivering them worth and valuable. If you approach a customer with a sales proposition always, then he or she may buy from you once as an obligation but this wouldn’t lead to repeat sales or referrals.  Trying to cultivate your relationship with a client means the following:

  • Dropping in often and saying hi.
  • Sending small ‘thank you’ gifts.
    Sending seasonal greetings and birthday wishes.
  • Giving them preferential or unexpected discounts.

Entrepreneurs with a growth-oriented mindset recognize and acknowledge the positive habits of their peers and even their competition. They refuse to be held back by their bad habits and try to replace them with positive and productive ones often. Since self-improvement is a gradual process, so habits can’t be changed overnight. As a personal development and business trainer, I help ambitious female entrepreneurs break free from the clutter of bad habits and replace them with powerfully positive ones. Book a free session with me today!

Must Have Crystals for Healing

Today, I would like to talk about some stone-cold facts. Did you know that the practice of using crystals in healing rituals date back to 6,000 years? At the time of Sumerians of Mesopotamia, crystals were used to ward-off negative energy. In Ancient Egypt, quartz was placed on the eyes of the dead to guide them into after life. Perhaps the true use of crystals has been mastered by Chinese and Hindus. The former race of people uses it as a concept of chi or qi, and the latter people use it as a concept in aligning chakras (a word from Sanskrit that references to the spiritual energy center that lies within the human body). In some cultures, it is also believed that a healing stone takes the brunt of the challenges coming your way, sparing you. The after effects become visible on the stone in the form of cracks.

Healing Crystals for Beginners

Tumbled Stones

These vibrant colored and polished energy muse stones are used in alternative medicine to transmit energy. These crystal stones are also used for healing and in chakra-balancing. Chakra refers to the disk or wheel of energy within the human body, and tumbled stones are placed on different points to relieve the human body of physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual discomforts.

Since these stones are small and portable, you can easily fit them inside a purse or pocket. Tumbled stones are widely used for good luck, as well as keep the negative energies surrounding you at bay. Tumbled stones can also be used for Chakra healing. Placing a stone on your energy sensitive spot will help you connect with your inner self and bring peace and comfort to your current state.

It is rather confusing when it comes to selecting a stone that will connect with your energy source. Therefore, here is a list of colored stones that can bring about relief to different body parts:

  • Red & Black Stones – Root Chakra (Base of the spine)
  • Orange Stones – Sacral Chakra (Lower belly, lumbar vertebrae and genital area)
  • Yellow and Gold Stones – Solar Plexus Chakra (Upper belly or diaphragm)
  • Green and Pink Stones – Heart Chakra (Center of chest)
  • Blue Stones – Throat Chakra (Throat or Neckline)
  • Indigo and Purple Stones – Third Eye Chakra (Between the eyebrows or above the bridge of the nose)
  • Violet and White Stones – Crown Chakra (Top of head or slightly above)

While healing stones are real and do work, you also need to know about the placebo effect. It is possible that any ailment you have might not have been healed by the crystal, but due the positive thoughts and routine you adopted once you had it on you. Before making up your mind, here is what the father of physics, Albert Einstein had to say about healing crystals and stones:

Everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life. Therefore, if you think crystals have healing potential, the positive vibes of the stones will amplify those thoughts

7 Must Have Crystals for a Healthier Life

When you are curious about crystals and their role in harnessing their power in your life, you will go to extreme lengths to understand the different types and their benefits. While the tumbled stones mentioned above are more common, here are 7 crystals that have amazing and long-lasting effects on your mind and body:

Turquoise is for Healing

Often referred to as the master healer, it bridges the energy gap between heaven and earth. From ancient scripture, Turquoise is known to provide protection and good luck, and that the healing properties are magnified by 100 if given as a gift.

Bloodstone for Energy

Often worn as an amulet, Bloodstone helps purify blood. Our health and optimized functioning are associated with blood and energy flowing smoothly through our veins, and Bloodstone is a powerful stimulant that helps overcome negative thoughts, self-doubt and lethargy.

Smoky Quartz for Letting Go

This stone transmutes negative energy, acting as a protective shield against undesirable energy. It helps release old, blocked and stagnant energy, allowing new energy to run through your body and ignite hope again.

Rose Quartz for Love

This stone helps to heal the energy of your heart. It encourages forgiveness, and emits vibration of love, compassion and beauty that will relieve you of stress and embrace everything with open arms.

Carnelian for Creativity

Carnelian (also referred to as an actions tone) removes stuck or blocked creative energy that may be dominating your mind, leaving you depressed and uninspired. The vibrant orange color stimulates passion, restores motivation, joy and confidence.

Celestite for Stress

The blue color of this crystal will induce peace and happiness into your body. Celestite is ideal to place in the bedroom, and will bring in harmonious energy and tranquility, encouraging a sound sleep. If place directly on your body, Celestite helps release stress from different areas of the body.

Shungite for Protection against EMF

An ancient crystal found in Russia, Shungite is still being researched for its magical and heavenly properties. It is known to act as a powerful shield against EMF, (electrical magnetic forces). It helps absorb pollutants and other negative energies surrounding you. All you need to do is place a piece of the stone next to your computer or wear at around your neck as an energy shield.