Develop a Resilient Mindset to Deal with Disappointments in your New Business

Develop a Resilient Mindset to Deal with Disappointments in your New Business

Disappointments are inevitable in life, so your small business endeavors are no exceptions to this: Your new business failed to generate any profits in the first few months, a lead or referral failed to convert into a business opportunity, a prospective sales meeting turned out to be a dud; a client expressed disappointment with your work, your partner quit, your new campaign failed to generate the necessary buzz… the list simply goes on.  How successfully you are able to deal with these negativities, failures, disappointments, and criticisms and still strive to make your small business grow, shows the kind of mindset you possess i.e., either a limited mindset or a growth oriented one. Your resilience would ultimately determine the future directions of your business. 80% of women entrepreneurs end up quitting in the first year of their business because they are unable to cope with difficulties, competitions, disappointments and failure.  The 20% who are able to survive and thrive may not be the most innovative and talented ones but are certainly more spirited, tenacious, and resilient than the rest of the lot. Here is what these entrepreneurs do differently than others when it comes to dealing with entrepreneurial struggles, failures, and disappointments:

They Acknowledge their Feelings

Growth oriented women entrepreneurs are more likely to acknowledge their feelings related to failure and display their emotions. They don’t keep things bottled inside till they break. They internalize the process as well as externalizing it in meaningful ways. This unique ability gives them a default advantage of getting over their disappointments and failures more quickly and getting back in the game.

They Seek and Give Support

Mentally strong women entrepreneurs are more likely to talk about their complex feelings related to failure and disappointments in their support circle, and seek emotional support rather than suffering in silence. They use their feminine traits of relationship building, compassion, nurturing, and empathy to build a circle of trust and care, and draw strength from it in times of need. As a result, they are more likely to purge their negative emotions, recover quickly from their disappointments and get back on track.

They Are Unafraid to Ask for and Give Help

Unbound by her ego, a women entrepreneur is not shy and afraid when it comes to asking for help from those who are more knowledgeable and experienced than she is. She understands that asking for help when things go wrong will allow her to resolve the problem quickly, fix mistakes and learn from them, and make quick progress. Likewise, she gives others her time and assistance generously because she believes in spreading good karma and feeding the spirit of abundance in the Universe.

They Look for Solutions, Adjustments and Compromises

A women entrepreneur with a progressive attitude doesn’t possess a “my way or the high way” attitude. She tries to understand her clients’ and partners’ needs, and looks for ways and solutions to accommodate them. She becomes flexible, reassesses her own goals, and looks for newer ways to reach them. She works with the belief that she can help people and can also build a successful business on this principle in the process of helping others.

It takes a lot of spunk to run your business in the real world, to be able to put yourself out there, allow yourself to make mistakes, become vulnerable, open yourself to criticisms and disappointments, be willing to look vulnerable and even stupid, assess where you went wrong and why, and gather the courage to get back up on the horse after a knockdown and get going again as if nothing happened.  Over the years, as a serial entrepreneur, I started lots of side businesses; some failed, but many thrived. Had I given up on the initial failures, I wouldn’t have been able to reach where I am today. Resilience and a strong mindset do wonders for you.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Miracles Abundance Coach. I conduct personalized sessions with businesswomen so as to help them recognize the blind spots, self-sabotaging patterns in their businesses and life, and replace them with healthier, more productive attitudes and mindset. Most clients that work with me are able to make positive changes in their mindsets, their work styles and lifestyles, and experience transformative results in a matter of months. My coaching calendar is booked ahead for months by lots of ambitious and spunky women, but new slots open up as well, as I get free. So if you are serious about your business, book a complimentary assessment with me today. We will figure out what you need right now to help your business grow: resources, referrals, or anything else.

3 Ways to Attract Opportunities in Life

3 Ways to Attract Opportunities in Life


Most women and women entrepreneur are familiar with the scenario; waiting for opportunities to show up, waiting for your phone to ring with a query, an email to pop up in your inbox offering you a project, hoping that a team mate collaborates on a project. This means fewer opportunities or a longer wait time, which can be fairly frustrating.

The Power of Pre-Launch Marketing – A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

The Power of Pre-Launch Marketing – A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs


Excited about launching your new business idea in the market? If you want to get your target market excited as you are, you must practice pre-launch marketing. Have you thought about how customers anxiously await the launch of a new iPhone model? How customers wait and pre-book new car models? How they count down the moments until the actual launch? The secret is in what is known as pre-launch marketing – a marketing strategy that involves creation of a buzz well before a product/service is launched.

Pre-launch marketing may be the tool that can be the deciding factor regarding a successful launch. Pre-launch marketing can help you stand out amongst the numerous other newcomers in the market, and enable you to successfully launch your career as a women entrepreneur.

Focus on People Features, not Product Features

Every wonder why Apple is doing such a fine job at creating pre-launch buzz? It is because it focuses on how its new phone model resolves pressing problems that people face. It does not overly focus on the new model’s design and technological advances (they are a given); instead it talks about how the new iPhone solves a range of people problems. For example, Steve Jobs talks about how iPhone eliminates the need for carrying an mp3 player additionally, to enjoy top quality music while commuting or exercising.

Before you launch your product/service, talk greatly about how your product or service will resolve peoples’ problems, how they will contribute towards making their lives easier and what convenience will your customers get out of your offering. You can then highlight the features of your product/service, that would help in resolving peoples’ problems, thereby explaining the specifications of your offering as well.

Make an Event Out of It

People love experiences – so make your business launch an eventful experience for them. Plan a proper gathering, a social event, one – which your customers would love to attend. You can get in touch with an influencing personality, either a well-known celebrity if you have the links, or someone popular in your neighborhood that you have access to, and make them a star guest at your launch event.

Making a big deal out of your launch will not just catch your target market’s attention, but may also generate some media attention. And once the media are on board, there are no limits to how far your shout-out can reach!

Manage your Suspense Duration

Give ample time for the suspense to build up, regarding your launch. If you give too less time, you miss your potential for grabbing attention of your target market, but if you linger it on too long, some of your potential customers may lose interest. Get the duration right, launch when the market is hot and boom, you have created for yourself, a successful launch.

Creating a smart pre-launch strategy can help you successfully launch your career as a woman entrepreneur and assure you of customers even before you enter the market.