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Most individuals have accepted our society’s and culture’s assumptions that we are purely physical beings and we have no association with energy. Other cultures believe in “Qi” (chi), others call it “Ki” or “Prana” energy.

This Qi is our physical body’s electromagnetic field and is the subtle energy that surrounds us. The Qi is created by the vibration of our cells and can be manipulated by our conscious intent.

For some of us, we simply cannot sense any of these subtle energies, but it does not mean that the person we are playing with does not. If you can use your full and total intent while you are playing, then a partner that is energy sensitive will be able to feel the shifts in energy.

There are several ways to sense energy; one is with our intuition….

Have you ever walked into a room shortly after an argument took place and sensed that you did not like that room and felt like you wanted to leave – even if you did not know why?

Or have you ever had somebody grab your arm when they were angry at you and it felt like it hurt even though the grip was a light touch?

These examples usually make us think of other’s “emotions” as being bad and sometimes we then associate all “emotions” or energy as being bad and we tune ourselves off to it.

There are a lot of fun ways we can use our intent and energy…. In play, we can create energy balls, also known as psi balls, or we can use our energy to coat another’s hands so that they have “sticky hands” – this is really useful when we only have a wall to attach a person to.

So now you might be thinking – Wow, that sounds great, but I don’t know how to do any of that…..

Your hands are the most important body part you use – so I am going to focus the following exercises on developing an increased awareness of energy in your hands:

There are many different exercises to develop awareness, so if one does nothing for you – keep trying. The most important element is that you use your full and total intent of really wanting to develop this sensitivity.

First, get in a comfortable position sitting down with both of your feet touching the ground. Take in a few deep breathes and intend to become a bit more sensitive to the subtle energies in your hands.

Now open both your palms and stretch out your fingers three times

With your left hand – gently put your thumb into the center of your right palm and push three times intending to feel energy flow out of your hand from this spot. Now with your thumb and index finger, gently squeeze your pinky finger three times and move to each finger ending with your thumb.

Relax both your hands when done and take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

Do the same with your right hand to your left palm and fingers.

After you are finished, hold both of your hands together with your fingers aligned with one another and slowly move your hands and fingers away from one another about a half an inch or so and then back together. Do this several times until you start feeling some kind of sensation – it could be a tingle, heat, coolness, etc. Some of you may only sense you are trying to sense energy. This is ok. If you continue to practice working with sensing energy exercises, eventually, you will be able to sense the subtle energies.

Once you start to feel this sensation, then try to move your hands out more than an inch, then three inches, and up to 12 inches. Gently push your hands together and try to sense when there is some resistance. Similar to how magnets push against one another when they are opposites.

If you still do not have any sensations, try putting your hands back together and rub them in a circular motion towards your pinky fingers (our outwards). Then try playing the accordion again with your hands. Can you feel any resistance? What about tingling or anything else. Different people sense energy with a variety of sensations and there is no correct way.

Once you sense something (even if you are not sure), then visualize building a small balloon ball of energy by blowing into your hand and visualize it expanding to about 6 inches round. Once you feel you have created this balloon, then play with it a bit – alternate it from one palm to another, etc. Sense the texture, the lightness, the softness, etc.

After you are done playing with it, now start inhaling the air out of the balloon. Visualize that you are deflating it and when all the air is out, the outline of it is absorbed back into your hand. This part of the exercise is important because when you play with energy – you need to remove the invisible energy toy you have created. Otherwise, it could “set,” and that would not be good.

There are numerous techniques that can help you develop your sense of energy.  But like any other skill, you do need to practice to become proficient. YouTube and other sites on the internet have a wide variety of creating energy balls, etc.

Now you might be thinking – great! Now I can visualize a ball of energy that inflates and deflates – how is this used in play? How can I have some fun with this?

The first rule, as with anything in the lifestyle, is informed consent. Even if you are just experimenting, you need to inform the others that you are trying energy play. It is also important to note that if your partner does not believe in any of this energy play stuff, but will appease you by agreeing, then he or she really may not fully understand what they are agreeing to. So it’s best to only do energy play with somebody that has an understanding of what they are agreeing to.

First, to start out with, I would use an energy ball that you used your full intention to inflate with an erotic sensation that would make the submissive feel more aroused. This arousal can then be used to heighten the sensations of a single area or a bunch of small areas on his or her body.

This can be accomplished the same way that you did in the exercise above, but changing your direct intent when you fill it up. Then you can place the energy ball on your partner’s body where you want to increase the erotic sensation. After placing the ball on the body, then visualize pushing it into the body. You can place a bunch of small balls at various places, or you can place a large one over a major area such as the back or buttocks.

It is important also to remember to remove this energy ball after you are done playing as it can have adverse effects if left on, and that area might become too sensitive over time. To remove an energy ball, you simply visualize pulling it out while using your hands.



Have Fun!