We have always been made to believe that money is material and people wanting money are materialistic, so it’s hard to imagine that money is or can be spiritual as well. Spiritual women entrepreneurs find it hard to embrace this idea and use their businesses to earn money, that’s why they find it difficult to price their services and negotiate with clients over payment. So in a way, they sabotage their own businesses by underselling their talents and skills, and stay stuck in the financial rut. These types of spiritual women entrepreneurs:

  • Find it hard to set the prices for their businesses.
  • Feel uneasy when discussing the charges for services rendered to their clients.
  • Fear that the clients will run away if they are not happy with their prices.
  • End up subsidizing their prices just to retain clients.

However, moneymaking has a spiritual dimension, and not just a materialistic one. People who are able to understand this truth about money are able to crack the secret code of money, acquire the esoteric knowledge that allows them to open the chasms into the Universe’s abundance. Spiritual women entrepreneurs should strive for money and wealth, as they do deserve financial prosperity.  Here is why:

Money is a Means, Not an End

If you see and want money as a means to get hold of materialistic things then you lose sight of the bigger picture and your actual goals. Each material goal should have a spiritual dimension. Your business is the means that would enable you to acquire money and wealth, which would eventually bring you financial independence, emotional fulfillment, personal freedom and immense value and joy.

Money is a Tool that can Help You Make an Impact

Our lives and work should have a deeper and higher purpose. If we allow our soul and conscience to get entangled in material goals only, we become slaves to money. If you have a special mission and passion in life, money is the tool that can help you make a bigger and meaningful impact on the world, create meaningful businesses, and touch and transform lives.

Money Invites Abundance and Blessings

If your business is adding value to your customers’ lives, then you are doing your bit in empowering them, improving their life and the world. In a way you are doing the work God intends all of us to do. As a consequence, the Universe starts sending blessings and abundance into your life. Thus, money becomes a means to send and receive positive energy in the world.

Do you feel that you are shy around the topic of money in your business, or find moneymaking contrary to your belief system? Whatever are your fears surrounding money and your business, let’s talk about them. Record a short video and send it to me at Luci@LuciMcMonagle.com

Understand that you deserve money and money deserves you.

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