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It’s safe to say that our romantic lives are roller-coasters of emotions – we experience ups and downs every now and then. There might come a time when you will feel desperate, with no other choice but to have some distance from your romantic partner. Whereas, on the other hand, there would be times when you’d feel inseparable from your significant other! The point is, love isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You’ve got to be prepared for the dark times. And you’ve got to look forward to the joyous moments which you’ll cherish till the end of your days. It’s completely alright to get help from a third person to sort things out – that’s what couples counseling is for. But, today, I’m not going to be talking about your average couple counselor. What I’m about to discuss is a professional like no other, one who belongs to the spiritual realm and is always there to help you out: your Guardian Angel!

Believe it or not, Guardian Angels have a lot more responsibilities than keeping you out of harm’s way! The purpose of their existence is to make our lives better, and that includes improving our romantic lives. Popular culture gives Cupid, the Greek God of love, all the credit, but the truth is that Guardian Angels are the ones who bring us closer to our soul mates. In this blog post, I will shed some light on how they can make our romantic-selves better. I’m also arranging an event called A Date with Your Guardian Angel on 12th October. You can get the tickets here (only a few tickets are left…so hurry up)!

  • They Give You Different Signals

Have you ever experienced/noticed a pattern of events that keeps on repeating itself, almost like a signal? These signs are coming from your Guardian Angel who is trying to tell you something. Since they cannot always take their physical forms to come and guide us, they make use of different signals to convey their guidance. That being said, have you ever felt extreme guilt after having a fight with your romantic partner? Or have you ever thought of contacting them out of the blue, only to find that they needed you desperately?

There is a very high possibility that those feelings/urges came from your Guardian Angel who just wants you to get closer to your significant other. In a way, you could call them the best friend who sets your mind straight, clears your head of negative thoughts, and guides you towards the path of absolute happiness.

  • They Heal Old Emotional Wounds

Guardian Angels are here to help. They not only act as professional coaches, but they also play the role of healers. In relationships, the tension from old emotional damage can build up gradually, causing complications in communication and your sex life. It’s crucial that you don’t let passive aggressiveness and pettiness get in the way of love and for that, you need to deal with your old emotional scars. Couples fight – it’s completely normal and a sign of a healthy relationship. At times, one tends to cross their limit and speak (or do) something unacceptable. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world, so just forgive and forget.

Your Guardian Angel tries to heal those wounds by comforting your soul, mind, and body, day and night, so that you get closer to your romantic partner and find it in your heart to truly forgive them.

  • They Motivate You to Act

Guardian Angels motivate you to act on your thoughts, provided that they are positive and would lead to beneficial results. Imagine that you come across a lovely thing while shopping, like a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate – anything that would make your romantic partner feel great- and think of buying it. Or imagine that you did something wrong, are feeling guilty, and feel deep within your heart that you should apologize. We don’t always act on these feelings but our Guardian Angels do all they can to convince us to take the leap and act on our thoughts because they want us and our lovers to be happy. They implant these thoughts in our minds and make us identify the little things/situations around us that are beneficial to our romantic relationships.

  • Guardian Angels Urge Us to Connect More with Them

The reason why we don’t always benefit from the guidance of our Guardian Angels is that we tend to lose our connection with them. The modern world has so many distractions that it’s easy to forget about our spiritual-selves and become disconnected from the spiritual realm. This increases the distance between us and our Guardian Angels, making it difficult for us to receive their guidance. Because of that, our Guardian Angels leave us little signs and urge us to make the effort to connect more with them. An important thing to remember here is that there is no selfish motive involved – they only want that for our own benefit. By connecting more, we’d be able to receive better guidance, which would result in better romantic lives.

Ending Note

It’s beautiful how Guardian Angels are so committed to making every aspect of our lives better than it has ever been before. We should try to be more grateful to their services and learn the message of love from their efforts and even their very existence. Just remember: your Guardian Angel is always there to help you out no matter what, so don’t be shy to ask for assistance when you feel that all doors are closed and there is no way out. They are just a prayer away and will always be till death. I wish you the best of luck!