How You Can Tap Into Your Strengths and True Life Purpose Through These 5 Steps


Entrepreneurs struggle with a lot of conflicting emotions in their lives: For instance, when they decide not to follow the 9 to 5 crowd, they are not sure what else they can do better than others, and whether it is financially viable or not. If they have a spiritual inclination, one hand, they struggle with the notion of making money and profit; while on the other, they find it hard to sustain and grow their business. Self-doubts kill talent and ambition and stop us from embracing our true money-making potential and it also deprives the world from receiving our gifts and goodness. Since most women entrepreneurs are familiar with these struggles, it made sense to me to invite Nicole Jansen on my Wealth Wednesday Show. Nicole is a Business Breakthrough Coach, Master Trainer/Facilitator, and Strategic Intervention. Nicole helps entrepreneurs figure out their unique edge and real strengths and build sustainable businesses around them. She also teaches spiritually-inclined women to get comfortable with the notion of money-making and encourage all of us to lead a holistic life and gain mastery over our lives. Here are the 5 steps she recommends to our audience:

Discover your Edge

Every one of us has been given a special ability, our niche, and edge that needs merely discovering and honing. We may end up ignoring this special ability or taking it for granted all our lives because it happens to be so innate and natural to us. But these unique and special abilities enable us to make money and have fun. Nicole tells us that our formal schooling teaches us a bunch of things we are ‘ok’ or ‘good‘ at doing. But most of us get stuck in the rut of mediocrity because if we settle for ‘good enough’ only then we would miss our being ‘great at’ part. Our strengths, heart, ability, uniqueness, experience all combine to form what Nicole calls our ‘sweet spot’.  In order to discover your own ‘sweet spot’, you need to understand your own personality dynamics, environmental factors, unique life experiences i.e., what elements make you thrive. Focusing on personal successes and failures can also help people understand themselves better so they can build better businesses.

Look for Vital Clues

If you are unsure about anything in life, be it your true potential or testing a business idea, you should look for clues around you rather than staying stuck in self-doubts.  Take clues from what is around you, the things that make you happy, things you love doing, things you are best at.  For instance, if you are doing something that is wearing you down then it’s a hidden message that it is time to change what you do or how you are doing it. Self-exploration helps you discover your unique edge, your special gift, which you can translate into a sellable skill or business. Nicole also tells us to think about things that frustrate or sadden you then you can go ahead and try to change it through your work. Nicole also suggests that knowing your value proposition can help you translate your skills into sales. You need to find out who needs your help, who is having a problem or who can benefit from your strengths and skills and then you can build a business around it.

Get Comfortable with Money

In the age of electronic money, people no longer have to carry actual money. According to Nicole, actual physical money and electronic money have different vibes and advantages.  But electronic money has taught people to be somewhat cautious and even afraid of real money, which is impacting their money making potential. According to Nicole, people now have developed an aversion and fear of actual money due to the prolonged use of electronic money. They put money in their wallets, they end up either hanging on to it longer than they should or they try to spend it very fast, as to get rid of it. Nicole and I recommend women entrepreneurs to rework on their relationship with money and strengthen their wealth vibe as a result. Nicole recommends money-shy and money-weary women entrepreneurs to start carrying around cash in their wallets, look at the dollar bills often, touch them, and notice how they feel in their hands and how they make them feel. All these exercises can help us identify our own unique money blueprint.

See Money as a Divine Tool

We heard growing up the notion that money is evil and bad, which taints our relationship with it and forces us to live at the low spectrum of the money energy.  Yet, ironically enough, you need money even to help someone out. What spiritual entrepreneurs don’t realize is that money is a form of energy and the more successfully we learn to harness and use it, the more successfully we would be able to make an impact on the world.  Entrepreneurs have a special God-given talent or power who can create something from nothing through their ideas. They take ideas from the metaphysical to the physical level and implement it. They have something of value that they can give to others and generate money in return. Nicole says that when you bring something of value to the table, people want to pay you back. Money in the hands of the right people is a divine tool.  Nicole says that spiritual and mystic entrepreneurs can have a purpose as well as profit. You can manifest money into something meaningful and divine by spending it on meaningful project and activity, taking initiatives, funding ventures, and address and work on issues that you are passionate about.

Have a Holistic Approach Towards Your Work  

Mindset training and self improvement is about not just improving your thoughts or a particular aspect of your business but also improving your life. If you are making more money but your relationships are suffering, your health is suffering then your money-making is meaningless because you are miserable. If your priorities are not straight, you would struggle, you would be miserable and you would fail eventually. So, you need to work holistically and synergistically on all aspects of your life. Otherwise your success would be short-lived and it would all come crashing down. I found this observation of Nicole Jansen to be particularly true in my case. The business I co-founded and gave my life and sweat to was centered around taking care of others, so eventually what happened was that my own health, marriage, business failed. I learnt the hard way that you need to balance your life, your work, your health, relationships.

If you do all this, you would be able to truly live up to your truest potential. Nicole says that someone living less than their potential saddens her. If you too have been feeling that you are not living up to your truest potential or are not purposefully engaged with your business and your life then you should read my book Magical Money Manifestations: A Practical and Spiritual Guide for Manifesting Money. As a Mystical Wealth Creator, I have narrated simple manifesting guidelines and exercises that can help you create prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. Get your copy from Amazon today!

Why Spiritual Entrepreneurs Need to Mend their Relationship with Money


Most of the concerns and problems in our lives are related with money that it’s too little, too tight, not enough; it’s evil and feeds greed. Money gets so much bad rap and yet we all want it. Spiritual women entrepreneurs’ relationship with money is defined with this very contradiction. They want their business to make money and profit and yet feel ashamed in charging for their services. This causes so much stress in their life and business, around the money area. In a Wealthy Wednesday episode with Michelle PW, I explored the concept of love-based money and loved-based enterprises. Here are a few ways spiritual heart- and soul-centered women entrepreneurs can mend their relationship with money:

Harness the Energy of Money

Money is treated like a thing, a mere dollar bill, though it’s an energy that needs to be harnessed. It has a spiritual dimension that stays unrealized because we are told (and like to tell ourselves) that ‘money is evil’, ‘money is bad’. But at a deeper level, money is a way for you to exchange energy with the universe. Money will not only help you generate wealth and sustainability in your business, get more freedom, fulfillment, abundance and joy but it would also help you create a positive impact on the world. When you back your money with a mission, the universe reciprocates you with more money, wealth, abundance. A great example of this is Oprah, the media mogul. When you have a divine consciousness and zeal, the money and wealth the Universe sends to you is blessed with a divine purposefulness.

Use Money as a Stepping Stone for Wealth

Money is accumulated but wealth is what is built. Michelle PW has rightly identified the difference between a job mentality and a wealth mentality. We see money as a means for exchange of goods and services. We live from pay cheque to pay cheque, use money to pay the bill or keep it locked away into a bank. We don’t like to look at it, feel it, and explore the ways it can be creatively, meaningfully and profitably used. Money is not meant to be stockpiled. It needs to be cultivated; it loves movement. This doesn’t mean you should start giving money out, spending or investing it unscrupulously; rather, use it in creative ways: invest it wisely.  When you give it out; give it blessedly, generously, and heartily.  Once your wealth consciousness is high, you will b able to attract money, retain it, and grow it into wealth.

Get to know Money like your Get to Know Your Friend 

 Just like you have a love based relationship with people in your life, try to treat money at the same scale. Treat it like a person: understand it, talk to it, befriend it. Tape it on your mirror and look at it everyday; take it out of your wallet, talk to it, feel it. Tell it how many ways it has helped you and has enabled you to help others. Don’t look at money with disgust, fear, or bafflement. Look at it with gratitude. Also, don’t accumulate money at the cost of precious things and people: your health, your mental peace, your family. I learnt the lesson the hard way when I lost my job, my savings, my health, my marriage in the blink of an eye.  When your relationship with money is healthy then you operate from and go around the world from a place of clarity, confidence, and joy.

Let go of ‘Either’ or ‘Or’ Choice Paradigm  

we have been told that we cannot have it all. We can either be homemakers or we can be business owners. We can work for money or just continue having an idle, carefree time. If you live on such absolute terms, then you will feel stuck, you will feel an impoverishment of means, you would operate from a paradigm of limitations. And for talented women, this is not the best way to live or to use their abundant potential and skills. In this digital age, we have so many opportunities that has enabled so many women, who are full time homemakers and caregivers, embark on entrepreneurial journey. This way they have been able not just to become independent but to raise their own and others’ money consciousness and become part of the money movement I propagate.

I am Luci McMonagle, a spiritual healer and Mystical Wealth Creator. I teach women entrepreneurs a spiritual money mentality and harness its positive energy. So that they can create meaningful, heart-centered and soul-fueled businesses, so that they can not only make an impact on their life but make a meaningful, philanthropic impact on the world. If you feel that your relationship with money is not great and that it’s affecting your business’ purpose and profit, then we definitely need to talk. I offer complimentary sessions besides a bevy of other services. Book a vacant spot on my calendar.

3 Ways Women Entrepreneurs are Saving the World


Women entrepreneurs are by no means doing ordinary work. They are truly change seekers and change makers. No matter how small their businesses may look or seem, they are using them as a means to fuel their passion, change their own destiny, improve their families’ lives, change the conditions of their communities, and make the planet a better place for all of us to live in. Women entrepreneurs are no ordinary beings; they are the real version and incarnation of super girl and super woman. They are playing an important part in saving the world from poverty, despair, and antipathy. Here is how:

They are the Light Bearers

Women entrepreneurs are the light bearers, literally and metaphorically: In an economy of doom and gloom, businesses initiated by women are a beacon of hope and salvation. Their feminine, compassionate nature enables them to feel, sense and experience the problems of the world and use their creative and empathetic energies to find solutions. The best example of this is how women entrepreneurs have made use of solar energy and technology to bring light to impoverished communities in Asia and Africa that had been deprived of power for a long time. This way they have brought employment opportunities to other less privileged women and allowed them to experience financial independence and empowerment.

They Find Compassionate Solutions to the Problems of the World

Women owned businesses are generating income and helping the economy. However, they are doing much more than that: these women entrepreneurs are using their sense of empathy and compassion to make the world a better place. They use a broader realm of mediums, i.e., not just science and technology but also art, creativity and mysticism to make the world a better place, not just materially but also emotionally and spiritually. They use these mediums to help people connect with themselves, understand others and engage with them in material and metaphysical ways. This way they promote a culture of global compassion, tolerance and understanding.

They Use Entrepreneurship as a Means of Fulfillment

Women come into businesses as an alternate means to find a solution to their limitations like familial responsibilities, lack of ideal employment opportunities, social barriers, etc. This struggle makes them increasingly intuitive and empathetic to others’ limitations and struggles, thus enabling them to create businesses that are responsive, flexible and compassionate towards the needs of the incapacitated, deprived, and marginalized. Their businesses not only fuel and fund their own dreams, lives and passions but that of others as well.  Entrepreneurial women have become soul sisters, separated by continents but joined in spirits.

These are the very reasons more and more enterprises are investing in women-led businesses, as they see it as a way to invest in not just one person but in a community. So the time to turn your dreams into a reality is more opportune than ever.

The Universe Is Calling Your Name…Are You Listening?

If you worry about something in your business and obsess over the negatives then the stress creates inner resistance that repels positive energy. Rest assured when you have inner passion and see your business as a special and sacred mission, then the Universe will conspire to bring you closer to your goal through the activation of the law of attraction. If you want to achieve financial abundance then trust me when I say this: “Go ahead with the assurance that the Universe is on your side and will work to bring you closer to your dreams and goals.” And I am here to help you!

As a Mystic Wealth Creator, I, Luci McMonagle, have been teaching women to shed their self-sabotaging beliefs and habits, and turn their passions, skills and entrepreneurial dreams into profitable as well as philanthropic businesses. Seek my advice by booking a FREE session with me.

Unravel the Secret Knowledge of Money and Liberate Yourself from Your Financial Rut

Unravel the Secret Knowledge of Money and Liberate Yourself from Your Financial Rut

Curiously enough, everyone is looking for ways to make more and more money but no one understands the true nature of money. This lack of consciousness distorts our view of the bigger picture and makes us miss the point of why we need money in our lives and how it can be done. Many women entrepreneurs start working on their own because they are tired of being stuck in a financial rut and want more money, and yet they keep chasing elusive clients, struggle to pay their bills, feed their family, and keep their small businesses barely afloat. They sometimes wonder, “If so and so is doing it so successfully, why am I struggling so much? What is it that I am doing wrong?” I too struggled with the same questions until I was able to finally understand the secret behind wealth; the esoteric knowledge related to money, and the laws to attract wealth and prosperity into my life. This knowledge and enlightenment was phenomenally life changing for me.

Money and wealth have always been part of ancient religions, mythology, and history of the world. All religions have assigned specific gods, goddesses and deities to money, wealth, and prosperity: the Hindu goddess of wealth is called Lakshmi, the Roman goddess of abundance, prosperity and good fortune was called Abundantia, the Greek god of riches was called Hermes, and the African goddesses of love, pleasure, diplomacy and money were called Oshun and Yoruba. Furthermore, the ancient city of Babylon was one the richest and prosperous cities in the ancient time. Why so? Because its inhabitants had sound knowledge of wealth and exhibited prudent financial behaviors when it came to dealing with money, which proves that moneymaking is a knowledge that can be learnt.

But then at the same time, why have we always been taught by our religion, ancestors and parents that money is evil, and that wanting money is bad. See the irony? The truth is that money is neutral; its extrinsic use makes it good or bad.  Just like you fight fire with fire, you fight money with money by putting it to good use, helping yourself with money and helping others, creating meaningful enterprises and philanthropic businesses, and backing up causes close to your heart. However, in order to fulfill these purposes you have to understand the intrinsic nature of money, learn its secrets, language and knowledge.

By learning the secret knowledge of money, you will be able to raise your consciousness surrounding money, as well as raising your energy levels and your divine power. You will become magnetic to people and purposes. You will slowly and gradually begin to attract an equally positive response from the universe, in the form of attracting the right people, opportunities, and abundant money into your life.

It’s my passion to empower more and more women become financially independent, live beyond the 9 to 5 grind, achieve the six-figure income goals, through creating philanthropic businesses, fueled by their passions that they are proud of. As a Mystic Wealth Creator, I have had a phenomenal journey and can proudly say that I have come a long way in transforming my own relationship with money, and I would like to help you do the same.

I Would Love to Hear from You!

If you are facing similar struggles with money, then I would love to hear from you because I want to make sure that I am covering all the topics that are relevant to your life as a woman entrepreneur and the problems that you are facing. I want to make sure that they are helpful in changing and improving your entrepreneurial and money mindset in a meaningful way. Connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. Just type in my name in the search and connect with me.

So my question for you is:

When it comes to money and your relationship with it, what is the most immediate, profound concern that you are facing? Something that makes you feel scared or vulnerable?

Just grab your phone and record a short video about your specific situation, nothing technically sophisticated but something raw, uncut and from your heart. Then send it to me by EMAILING ME at or the link below for a discovery session. I have opened my calendar for a limited number of sessions. Don’t use this space for pitching, selling anything, or creating a picture of false bravado! If you want me to help you, then help me understand what is bothering you about money!   

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4 Reasons Why You Should Turn Your Entrepreneurial Dream into a Reality

I have said this before and I will say that again: This is a truly golden age for women entrepreneurs. More and more women entrepreneurs are entering into the business world, not just to create better lives for themselves and their families, but also for the others. They are breaking down the generational, traditional, cultural, and societal barriers and gender roles to make more money than before, and are using it to make the world a better place. It is thus my life’s mission to empower more and more women to follow their passion and dreams, and found their own businesses. Here is why you should embark on your entrepreneurial journey:

Transform the Darkness into Light

You have a transformative light in you that can help in making a difference. It is time to shine that light outwards and use it to illuminate not only your path, but also that of the others. Do understand that you have been given the tools and personal powers to make an impact, to make a difference, no matter how small and insignificant that may be: You find ways, small but meaningful ways, to go on even when you are disappointed and exhausted. You have this innate ability to bond, to team together for a common cause and find ways to support one another. Bring the same energy, the same hopefulness and camaraderie to your business and see alluring transformations.

Make the World a Better Place

There was a reason behind the Dalai Lama declaring that the world will be saved by the western women eventually. The world is a chaotic place, darkened by recession, conflict and violence; however, women entrepreneurs are not merely contributing materially in the society but also spiritually. So can you! Think of how your new business would make your life easier and better, but also that of your family members, employees and customers. It would definitely make this world a tad bit better and a much more tolerable place to live in. By manifesting this soul power, you will be able to provide creative and compassionate solutions to the problems of the world.

Realize that Your Time Has Come

Female entrepreneurs today are locally and globally redefining the rules and norms of running a business, raising families, ways of contributing to the society, and making a positive impact on the world. So have faith and don’t consider yourself to be disadvantaged in any way, when compared to your male counterparts. Do away with fear. You have the unique ability to tap into your creative consciousness, and nurture and play with ideas. Once you learn how to harness your desires, talents, skills and energies, you can turn them into a reality; create a powerful, fuller, richer and purposeful life, and live it up!

You are Backed by Your Mission

Women are gentle, intuitive, nurturing, compassionate, philanthropic, and more emotionally involved and invested in their family’s, friend’s, and community’s lives. That’s why they thrive in social and philanthropic causes. They are backed and blessed by the power of their missionary zeal. You need to come out of the closet, leaving your own dark shadows and hurtful past behind, and jump into the light. Balance your yin with yang; back your passion with a mission, your imagination with a purpose, and your words with action. Have faith in your abilities to manifest the Universe’s power, promise, and blessings to grant you your wishes, and help you succeed in your mission.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Mystic Wealth Creator. My purpose is to inspire and guide more and more women to realize their potential, create six figure or more income businesses that are socially impactful and purposeful. I have been leading a Make Money Movement, aiming to empower women and help them make millions. Book a complimentary session if you want to become that change.