Understanding How to Clean Your Personal Energy

Understanding How to Clean Your Personal Energy

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Albert Einstein’s words ring true, especially when it comes to personal energy. Just as physical cleanliness is crucial to our well-being, so is the cleanliness of our energy field. Understanding how to clean your personal energy is a fundamental step towards wellness and personal growth.

The primary purpose of energy work is to remove these layers of negative energy that have accumulated and replace them with positive energy. By cleaning your personal energy, you can regain balance, peace and clarity in your life.

To begin with, it’s essential to grasp how negative energy impacts us. Have you ever walked into a room and felt a sudden shift in your mood or energy? Or have you spent time with someone only to feel drained afterward? That’s the influence of negative energy. Negative energy can stem from external sources like toxic relationships, stressful situations, or even from within us, manifesting through negative thoughts and emotions. This invisible force can affect our health, productivity, and overall happiness.

Cleaning your personal energy, also known as cleansing your aura, is the process of removing this negative energy and replacing it with positivity. The objective of this energy work is not only to create a positive state of mind but also to enhance your overall well-being. It serves to elevate your mood, improve your connection with others, and boost your productivity and creativity. So, how can you clean your personal energy?

Here are some steps to get you started:

1. **Meditation**: This is the cornerstone of energy work. By tuning in to your inner self, you can identify any negative energy trapped within your being. Visualize this negativity as a dark cloud being replaced with light and positivity.

2. **Physical Activity**: Whether it’s yoga, jogging, or dancing, physical activity helps to release accumulated negative energy.

3. **Nature Therapy**: Spend time in nature. The natural world has a healing effect that can help to cleanse and rejuvenate your energy field.

4. **Healthy Eating**: Just like physical health, energy health is influenced by what you consume. Clean, healthy foods help to keep your energy field clear and robust.

5. **Positive Affirmations**: Positive affirmations are powerhouses that can replace negative energy. Words hold power, and by repeating positive statements, you can shift your energy towards positivity.

6. **Energy Healing Therapies**: Techniques like Reiki, acupuncture, and crystal healing can help to balance and clean your personal energy.

To clean your aura and personal energy may seem like a mystical, esoteric process, but it’s rooted in practices we can all adopt. It’s about understanding how negative energy affects you, and actively taking steps to replace it with positive energy. Remember, energy work is not a one-time activity; consider it a part of your ongoing self-care regimen.

How to Get Freedom from Bad Karma

How to Get Freedom from Bad Karma

Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously, suffering results.”  – Sakyong Mipham

This simple notion behind karma is what makes it so beautiful yet terrifying at the same time. You reap what you sow – that’s the one, unquestionable truth of life. Throughout my life, I have witnessed many individuals wronging other people and have the exact or equal misfortune happen to them either immediately or after a few years. Being a law-abiding citizen of the universe, I always try my best to ensure that I do not hurt those around me, either intentionally or unintentionally. This is because I’m well aware of the wrath of the universe. And this is the exact reason why I’m always telling people to think at least twice before taking any decision!

That being said, we often hear stories about the sweetest of all people suffering from unfortunate events related to their health, career, or relationships among other things. Here, a question arises that if the universe always punishes those who wrong others, then why do the “good” people have to endure the hardships and tests of life? Or more specifically, why do bad things tend to happen to good people? The answer to that question is simple: the bad karma is literally programmed in their lives! What this simply means is that the wounds of the past, inflicted or suffered by their ancestors, are the reasons why such people find themselves on the bad side of karma, despite not having harmed a single soul in their entire lives. At first, it doesn’t seem fair that they have to pay for the mistakes of their ancestors. But you have to realize that, sooner or later, if we don’t take action, the universe restores its balance by itself and it doesn’t matter who or what is at the receiving end of that restoration.

If you are one of the people who are affected by the actions of their ancestors, then don’t be afraid – fortunately, there are certain tips and techniques using which you can get rid of your pre-programmed bad karma. And I can assist you! As an expert Karma Clearer and Remover of Negative Family Patterns, I help people lead a life full of happiness and free from all sorts of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Meanwhile, in this article, I will share some of the many tips to help you get started with your bad karma-clearing journey. Let’s begin!

  • Pinpoint What Karma is Doing to You

The first and foremost thing that you must do is to identify or “pinpoint” exactly how bad karma is affecting your life. Are you feeling stuck in your career? Do you feel less healthy every morning? Or have you started experiencing a shortage of wealth lately? It all depends on what your ancestors did. The circumstances and hardships being faced by all individuals are unique in nature. Therefore, to get rid of the problem at the roots, you first have to revert to its original source or identify what it really is.

  • Cut off Toxic People from Your Life

Toxic relationships can drain the happiness right out of a person’s life. Chances are that the sadness, anxiety, and blockages that you are experiencing in your life aren’t resulting from you being on the bad side of karma but simply because of certain individuals in your life. On the other hand, those people being a part of your life could be a result of bad karma. You can’t really be 100% sure which one it is, however, what you can do is to sever all ties with those people. By doing so, you would not only be doing yourself a favor but you MIGHT also be getting rid of what the universe has cursed you with.

  • Give Something Back to the Universe

If cutting off toxic people doesn’t change your life around, then perhaps it’s time that you took things to the next level. How? By doing something that will please the powers of the universe and lift the curse of bad karma that has been running in your family. As I mentioned above, the universe tends to restore balance by itself. However, to avoid being on the bad side of this balancing process, you could do an act of kindness and basically tell the universe that you are ready to change and no longer deserve to pay for the mistakes of your ancestors.

  • Learn to Forgive and Forget

Another great way of healing bad karma is learning to forgive others for their mistakes. After all, isn’t that what you really want from the universe? Forgiveness for your mistakes and the mistakes of the previous generations? By forgiving other people, you not only set examples for those around you, but also give the universe a good reason to bless you with the same thing in return. So, the next time someone does something wrong, be quick to forgive and forget to restore the balance. Maybe… just maybe, the universe will do the same for you.

To Conclude…

To summarize everything discussed above: Whatever you do in life, whether good or bad, will result in punishment or reward. These results can have effects that could last for generations. So learn to forgive, be more aware of your actions, cut off toxic relationships, and do an act of kindness every day to contribute towards making life better for yourself and those around you.

Is Your Family Story Standing in the Way of Your Business Success? Learn to Rewrite It through Generational Cleansing!


When women entrepreneur start a new business, a lot of odds seem to be standing in their way: very few prospects, lack of capital and experience, inadequate skills, thin cash flow, competing proprieties and lack of time, and so many more. However, there is one thing you wouldn’t have suspected standing in your way, but it does, and that is your family story and ancestral past. In one of the episodes of my Wealthy Wednesday Show, Johanna Lynn and I discussed what role one’s ancestral past plays in one’s success in business and life, and we determined that it was a major one. Ancestral history, emotions, values, and attitude form our belief system and impact the way we work and live. Failure, doubt, success, guilt, and shame are all feelings that we experience as women and particularly as women entrepreneurs, and these feelings have a context in your ancestral past and how they viewed the same things. For instance, if there is a precedence of women not working in your family or lack of success with businesses, then you would not only find it very hard to start your own business but even harder to sustain it through the rough times.  However, here are some ways you can use the force of family history as a liberating factor and not a debilitating one:

Understand Your Emotional DNA

Scientific evidence suggests that whenever we experience physical and emotional trauma, chemical changes occur to our DNA and their impact are retained in us. This impact is passed on through this DNA to our next generation. This means that we inherit from our ancestors a lot more than the color of our eyes and height; we end up inheriting their emotions, attitudes, perspectives, personal traumas, guilt, and struggles.  Even if we are living in a time and circumstances different than our grandparents, we often end up unknowingly feeling the same emotions and conflicts they have felt before. These kinds of struggles and emotions of our ancestors are stored in our DNA memory and are replayed and relived involuntarily. So understanding your family history helps you unlock your emotional DNA and transform it.

Unearth Your Family Story

Family stories live in us; they are passed on through us. It might be possible that someone in your ancestors lived in the times of a war, fled persecution, faced hostility, were immigrants, struggled with money or poverty, or faced personal issues with debt or abuse. This kind of ancestral past can keep you edgy and scared of change or overcautious in your approach to life and business. Johanna Lynn calls it a “proverbial backpack” that you drag into a new relationship or business and sabotage it unwittingly. It can cause you to do what I personally call “stockpiling” of things, hanging on to too many things, doing too many projects at the same time, or giving and giving to your clients, to your family until you run empty or in debt. One way to understand and recalibrate your own DNA is to educate yourself about your family stories and ancestral roots, contextualize your own behavior and fears and attempt to liberate yourself from their negative influence.

Understand Your Emotional Triggers

Johanna Lynn thinks that family history forms the “inner blue print” of your money story. It gives rise to the loop of “never enough” thinking. This means that that your negative emotions of stress and panic are triggered every time you see a challenge, a deadline.  A bill or bank statement throws you in a lurch, start a new worry of cycle. You start arguing with your partner, your client or spouse or become emotionally distant and withdrawn.  The loop of “never enough” thinking has roots in generational DNA. Johanna Lynn emphasizes that once you learn to control your emotional triggers, you learn that your emotions are not running you but you are running them. This understanding helps you respond to tough situations and tricky people with confidence and see the hidden opportunities behind challenges.

Create a Better Legacy for your Children

Johanna Lynn tells us that what impacts us also impacts our children because we share the same story; we share the same DNA. This means that generational healing work would not only help your children but also your grandchildren, so that they don’t have to go through the same emotional upheavals as you. Even if your children are all grownup now, there is still a chance and hope. We can choose to end a trauma and negative cycle at our own generation or allow it to continue over and over. No one understands how family story can make or break you better than me, as I was born in an underprivileged background. My own ancestors fled from war and took a vow of poverty when they arrived at America, which hung around like a curse generation after generation. I thought I too was doomed to stay poor, broke and struggling, just like my mother and her mother. However, generational cleansing and healing allowed me to eventually create a better legacy for myself and my son.

 Your ancestral history is a storehouse of emotions, memories, karma and lessons of your life time and beyond. Generational cleansing and healing can help you understand your family story and allow it to have a better ending.  I am Luci McMonagle, a Mystic Wealth Creator. I am teaching ambitious self-aware women entrepreneurs to liberate themselves from family curses and burdens of the past and welcome more abundance, joy and wealth in their lives. If you want to be one of them, I am offering you an exploratory session that’s FREE of charge. Book a slot for yourself.

6 Solid Steps Towards Cleansing and Rewriting Your Ancestral Patterns


There are many people who don’t believe in ancestral and generational patterns, and their influence on their lives. They think that it’s all about the here and now. Are you one of them? Then what is that pull and link to the past you feel, that misery when you are starting something new but end up getting stuck in the same pattern, and you are told by an elderly relative that he/she is seeing history reliving itself through you? It’s your DNA’s memory making itself felt and heard through you. If there were tragedies, pains, and unresolved issues in your ancestors’ lives, like debts, bankruptcy, poverty, addiction, domestic violence, and depression, then they would keep echoing in your life too…disrupting the harmony and productivity. That’s why cleansing and healing of ancestral and generational patterns is very important. Here are 6 solid steps you can start taking from today onwards to achieve this:

Forgive Your Ancestors for Their Mistakes

Forgive your ancestors for their mistakes. Forgive old enemies, bury the hatchet. Move on!  Most people get so stuck in their negative ancestral patterns that they refuse to budge away from them and keep using them as an excuse to hold themselves back from life. This is the most negative thing, and a debilitating factor in your personal progress.  If I kept blaming my mother and step father for their mistakes, I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am standing today. I realized their self-limiting beliefs, separated myself from their influence, moved on and moved forward.

Change the Way You Think of the Past

Whatever has happened in your past, in the lives of your ancestors, can’t be changed in its entirety but can be rewritten, rewired, and re-plugged. Take the example of Oprah: her mother was an absent figure. But do you hear Oprah dwelling on her too much? No, she talks more about her father and how he encouraged her to read, the parent figure in her life, her grandmother and how she took care of her. Just like her, recall the small positivity buried in the negativities, and keep repeating them until they become your new reality.

Open Your Mind

Given their circumstances, your ancestors didn’t know any better, but in the age of greater enlightenment, resources, possibilities and options, you know better than your ancestors. You are much well equipped and resource rich in order to bring a change in your life and of others. Change your ancestral mindset through reading motivational articles, books, undertaking courses, and attending motivational events. Evolve newer patterns by applying the learning to your life.


Create an energy loop: Imagine that you and your ancestors are standing in a circle. There have been past burdens, old unfinished businesses, wounds, hurt, guilt, and shame. Their energy has been flowing into you and it has been dim. Now you are reversing this energy exchange process, shifting it from a higher plane, i.e., through you to them. You are creating wholeness and wholesomeness. The light is brighter and shinning through you into them.

Use Affirmations  

Set aside a few minutes every day to practice positive affirmations. Incorporate them into your daily routine like practicing them when you are brushing your teeth, making your coffee, looking in the mirror to apply makeup. Send loving messages to yourself and your ancestors like: So and so…. I stand in your shadow but I stand taller and brighter. I forgive you; I love you; I am sending my love to you. Positive affirmations comprise of positive words, so they create high vibration energy that can calibrate and reverberate through your ancestral lineage, and heal and mend it.

Create a Legacy

When you take upon the task to transform your lineage, you are changing the shape of things to come for your next generation, your children. You are setting better precedence and standards for your children to follow. I myself have been a small town hick, just like my mother and grandmother and other women in my generation. Yet I wanted to do something better, and so, I moved to the big city and worked my way up. Therefore, my work, passion, and business are my legacies, meant for my son.

As a Mystic Wealth Creator, I believe women entrepreneurs need to reset the stage and create the right circumstances and conditions for their personal and professional success. Are you grappling with some unresolved business from the past, feeling stuck in a negative ancestral pattern and vortex that is not your making but a generational issue? Then a generational clearing, blessing, and healing session is what you exactly need: Please visit https://clearing.youcanbook.me/